Sunday, October 31, 2004


Lasting Gifts of Democracies;Peaceful Relations

An article from the Washington Times by Arnold Beichman points out an obvious reality of the human existence that John Kerry has never embraced or expressed in his campaigning. It's the bottom line / end game of U.S. foreign policy: Democracies don't wage war upon themselves. This simple fact is the foundation of our current posture in the Middle East and will be until the region is settled politically... Unless the current crop of liberal Democrats who are steering their party assume the reigns of power through a Kerry administration. Aggressively weeding out tyrannical despots, dictators and wild eyed imams in possession of land, populations and nasty weapons and nurturing the seeds of democracy in their place isn't likely to be a driving force of a Kerry administration.

Read Mr. Beichman's take. -WB

The Fox And The Hedgehog
By Arnold BeichmanPublished October 31, 2004

The reason I am voting for President Bush has to do with Archiolus, a Greek poet of the seventh century B.C. One of his surviving verses, begins: "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." The line became the title of a famous essay by the late Isaiah Berlin. And the one big thing that Mr. Bush knows is that in a world of democracies we would come as near to world peace as human nature and the nature of interstate relations would allow. For since the first new nation came into existence in 1789, when the U.S. Constitution was promulgated, no democracy has ever fought a war with another democracy. And by democracy I mean, to cite Seymour Martin Lipset's definition, a political system with a peaceful transfer of power and a social mechanism to enable people to influence decisions made by public officials. And the first time in history that we witnessed a peaceful transfer of political power as the result of a democratic election was in 1800, when a defeated President John Adams gave way to a triumphant Thomas Jefferson. Let the nitpicking now begin about democracies as warmakers. How about Britain and the war of 1812 when British troops burned down the White House? Britain was not a democracy in 1812. The monarch decided who would be the country's prime minister, not the House of Commons. Britain became a democracy with the Second Reform Act of 1867. Let the nitpickers nitpick: The unvarnished truth is that no democracy has ever fought a war against another democracy. There were spats between Britain and the United States in the late 19th century, but they were resolved peacefully. There were spats between France and Britain in the late 19th century, but war then as today was out of the question. Nowhere have I found in John Kerry's speeches and interviews a recognition of this simple fact: a world of democracies would be a world at peace. That is why Mr. Bush was right to go into Iraq, not only because Saddam Hussein was a war-maker but because so long as his police state tyranny dominated the Middle East, no country -- whether Kuwait or Israel or Iran -- was safe from aggression. Just as Hitler's fascism meant war in Europe in 1939 and Nikita Khrushchev's communism in 1962 meant nuclear missiles in Cuba and Leonid Brezhnev's communism meant aggression against Afghanistan in 1980, so Kim Jong Il's nuclear-equipped North Korea endangers the democracy of South Korea and Japan. The only force that stands between North Korean aggression against democratic South Korea is that of the United States, because Mr. Bush has made it clear he will not seek United Nations permission to come to the aid of a beleaguered democracy. It is not that Mr. Bush is unreservedly for Israel in order to garner the so-called Jewish vote. It is that Israel is one of two democracies (Turkey is the other) in the Middle East and therefore deserves, like any other threatened democracy, the American umbrella. Sen. John Kerry simply doesn't understand the meaning of this concept, and for that alone he deserves to be defeated.
As for the Jewish vote, which seems to be a Kerry monopoly, the title of Irving Kristol's 1999 article in the Israeli magazine Azure speaks for itself: "On the Political Stupidity of the Jews." Wrote Mr. Kristol: "In Israel as well as in America, Jews to this day continue to combine an almost pathologically intense concern for politics with a seemingly equally intense inclination towards political foolishness, often crossing over into the realm of the politically suicidal." It is time for Jewish voters to stop running with the foxes and learn the one big thing of the hedgehog: A world of democracies is a world at peace.
Arnold Beichman, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, is a columnist for The Washington Times.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


The Moon, The Sox, and Arafat

It's about 8:15 PM here on the west coast. The Bo' Sox are up 3 zip in the bottom of the 8th, the moon is in the eastern sky behind the broad shade of Earth, and the terrorist Yasser Arafat is near death. What a night! I've got champagne ready in the fridge, and it's not for the moon or Boston.
My son and I are carving pumpkins and watching game four of the World Series. We're making periodic trips outside to check on the progress of the eclipse. Wow, what a sight! It's a little cloudy here so the effect is very dramatic. I'm also checking the web for signs of good news that Arafat has assumed room temperature.
Who knows who will take the terrorist Arafat's place is of little concern. The moment of his death will be welcomed around the world, (except in France, Chappaquidic, and the DNC / Kerry headquarters). I'll be celebrating his departure with a toast to humanity, to Israel and to the Palestinians who've had to suffer under his tutelage. Who wouldn't? The U.N. set up this thuggish murderer with plot of land and a population so despised that not one Muslim country offered to take them in. He turned his land into a nightmarish hellhole and convinced countries around the world to subsidize it. I heard on the radio today from a commentator that Arafat, if given Switzerland, could turn it into barren rock, squalor and death.
So good riddance, you evil rat. The world is already a better place as you breath less of it's air. Cheers, everyone! -WB

P.S. It's now 8:41PM and Boston has just dispensed with the curse!. Two down for the night, one to go. -WB

Monday, October 25, 2004


As I Called It, Kerry's No Average Guy

As posted here on Tuesday, October 12 I made the claim that John Kerry would look like a fool trying to show the world what an "everyman" he is by riding the coat tails of the Boston Red Sox. Got to Oct. Archives and scroll down.

Go here: to read how Kerry couldn't possibly give a hoot or have a clue about his hometown ball club in the World Series, and therefore, ain't The Man he'd like us all to think he is. The Bo' Sox in the World Series isn't exactly an every year occurrence and the chance of them winning the World Series is so far 1 in 86. So, when they do make the big dance every guy in the nation with half an ounce of testosterone, at least one testicle, and who doesn't shave his chest has some modest conversational points about the Red Sox to contribute at the water cooler and on the bar stool. -WB

The shotgun / Elmer Fudd thing didn't work for him, either.
Nor the Baywatch / windsurfing stunt.
Or the get-out-the-baggy-pants-slacker-vote / snowboarding gig.
Or the "I care" / Lance Armstrong yellow wristband.
Or the Praise the Lord, Bro' / Black church choir sing along.
Or the save-the-planet / Ford Hybrid circus car purchase.

This freak has to try too hard to get people to like him. Were it not for a national campaign, he wouldn't touch any of this with a ten foot pole. None of it. -WB

Sunday, October 24, 2004


Mark Steyne: No Time For A Europhile

Go here, to read Mark Steyne's article on John Kerry, the war on terror and Canadian health care. Funny, maddening, and eye-opening. Here's the closing paragraphs: ( -WB)

"So this is no time to vote for Europhile delusions. The Continental health and welfare systems John Kerry so admires are, in fact, part of the reason those societies are dying. As for Canada, yes, under socialized health care, prescription drugs are cheaper, medical treatment's cheaper, life is cheaper. After much stonewalling, the Province of Quebec's Health Department announced this week that in the last year some 600 Quebecers had died from C. difficile, a bacterium acquired in hospital. In other words, if, say, Bill Clinton had gone for his heart bypass to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal, he would have had the surgery, woken up the next day swimming in diarrhea and then died. It's a bacterium caused by inattention to hygiene -- by unionized, unsackable cleaners who don't clean properly; by harassed overstretched hospital staff who don't bother washing their hands as often as they should. So 600 people have been killed by the filthy squalor of disease-ridden government hospitals. That's the official number. Unofficially, if you're over 65, the hospitals will save face and attribute your death at their hands to "old age" or some such and then "lose" the relevant medical records. Quebec's health system is a lot less healthy than, for example, Iraq's.
One thousand Americans are killed in 18 months in Iraq, and it's a quagmire.
One thousand Quebecers are killed by insufficient hand-washing in their filthy, decrepit health care system, and kindly progressive Americans can't wait to bring it south of the border. If one has to die for a cause, bringing liberty to the Middle East is a nobler venture and a better bet than government health care."


The Slumber's Over. The Nightmare Begins.

Ralph Peters has put up a piece in the New York Post, with all the subtlety and nuance of a nine pound hammer, comparing the terrorists of Old Europe to today's blood thirsty animals. The IRA, Red Brigade, and Baider Mienhoff terror groups were ultimately trying to change a political viewpoint or free a suppressed citizenry through attacks on government institutions and the politicos who inhabited those houses. They weren't murdering innocents as a means to their own afterlife in paradise with 72 hairy virgins. They, the terrorists of the 60's, 70's and 80's, were quite sportsman like compared to the salesmen of Islam peddling their wares across the globe today.
In Peters' article he outlines how Europe will be taking the brunt of attacks and carnage from it's own Muslim populations in the coming years. For it's in these ostracized masses in "Old Europe" that hate and resentment have been allowed to fester, and the blame for a failed civilization will be directed at soft, immoral, bigoted and vulnerable targets.
Good morning, Europe. Your nightmare is here. -WB

Here's the article by Ralph Peters:

Friday, October 22, 2004


Ellensburg? CWU? Manweller?

Have you ever heard of the Ellensburg Daily Record? How about Ellensburg, Washington? Central Washington University? No? Well, how 'bout a guy named Matthew Manweller?

Me neither. Or is it "either"?

The most fascinating thing about the internet is the speed, depth and breadth that a solid piece of work will travel. (Solid crap seems to travel even faster, but we let it fly by.) Take for example an obscure piece of e-mail I received today from a friend in Arizona. Click, I open it and read it. I love it. So, click, ten minutes later it's passed along to my e-mail crowd. And so it goes and goes.

The piece below is a wonderfully salient little essay that points out where we've been, what we're doing and where we could be going after 11/02. In a nut shell; there's a long hard road to greatness,. or a soft and shameful road to mediocrity. The author is a political science professor, Matthew Manweller, at Central Washington University in Ellensburg. It was originally published in the October 6 edition of the Ellensburg Daily Record. We've never heard of the place, the school, or the man but he's made an impression far beyond the 103 folks on the Ellensburg Daily Record's mailing list! Enjoy and share with your e-mail audience... Click, you've shared something good. -WB

Election Determines Fate of Nation
In that this will be my last column before the presidential election, there will be no sarcasm, no attempts at witty repartee. The topic is too serious, and the stakes are too high.This November we will vote in the only election during our lifetime that will truly matter. Because America is at a once-in-a-generation crossroads, more than an election hangs in the balance. Down one path lies retreat, abdication and a reign of ambivalence. Down the other lies a nation that is aware of its past and accepts the daunting obligation its future demands. If we choose poorly, the consequences will echo through the next 50 years of history. If we, in a spasm of frustration, turn out the current occupant of the White House,the message to the world and ourselves will be two-fold.

First, we will reject the notion that America can do big things. Once a nation that tamed a frontier, stood down the Nazis and stood upon the moon, we will announce to the world that bringing democracy to the Middle East is too big of a task for us. But more significantly, we will signal to future presidents that as voters, we are unwilling to tackle difficult challenges, preferring caution to boldness, embracing the mediocrity that has characterized other civilizations. The defeat of President Bush will send a chilling message to future presidents who may need to make difficult, yet unpopular decisions. America has always been a nation that rises to the demands of history regardless of the costs or appeal. If we turn away from that legacy, we turn away from who we are.

Second, we inform every terrorist organization on the globe that the lesson of Somalia was well learned. In Somalia we showed terrorists that you don't need to defeat America on the battlefield when you can defeat them in the newsroom. They learned that a wounded America can become a defeated America.Twenty-four-hour news stations and daily tracing polls will do the heavy lifting, turning a cut into a fatal blow. Except that Iraq is Somalia times 10.

The election of John Kerry will serve notice to every terrorist in every cave that the soft underbelly of American power is the timidity of American voters. Terrorists will know that a steady stream of grizzly photos for CNN is all you need to break the will of the American people. Our own self-doubt will take it from there. Bin Laden will recognize that he can topple any American administration without setting foot on the homeland.It is said that America's W.W.II generation is its 'greatest generation'. But my greatest fear is that it will become known as America's 'last generation.' Born in the bleakness of the Great Depression and hardened in the fire of WWII, they may be the last American generation that understands the meaning of duty, honor and sacrifice. It is difficult to admit, but I know these terms are spoken with only hollow detachment by many (but not all) in my generation. Too many citizens today mistake 'living in America' as 'being an American.' But America has always been more of an idea than a place. When you sign on, you do more than buy real estate. You accept a set of values and responsibilities.

This November, my generation, which has been absent too long, must grasp the obligation that comes with being an American, or fade into the oblivion they may deserve.I believe that 100 years from now historians will look back at the election of 2004 and see it as the decisive election of our century. Depending on the outcome, they will describe it as the moment America joined the ranks of ordinary nations; or they will describe it as the moment the prodigal sons and daughters of the greatest generation accepted their burden as caretakers of the City on the Hill.

Mathew Manweller

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Visit John Thune With Your Visa/Mastercard/Amex

Tom Daschle in South Dakota is running for his life and the life of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate. He's running for his life because John Thune is hunting this Class A obstructionist down very effectively. Hold your thumb and fore finger 1/8th of an inch apart. Thune is that close! Go here and drop a twenty on his campaign, . Buy a tank of gas for a get out the vote driver. Buy another gross of yard signs. Fund an hour or so of phone bank operations. Pay for the lights.

Experience true joy when you wake up on Nov. 3rd and hear that Daschle will no longer be serving in the U.N. Senate in small part because of YOU! -WB

P.S. If that's too specific a contribution give something here, Spread the wealth.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


My Pick For the NASCAR Championship

Today over at radioblogger,, the sight run by Generalissimo from the Hugh Hewitt Show,, he discusses the presidential endorsements of the top ten drivers in the Nextel Cup points chase. His take on the drivers is a little weird, but he asks for your picks and / or opinions of the drivers and which one would you like to see win the championship. ( By the way, 9 out of the 10 support Bush. Go there to find out which driver hasn't supported either candidate)
Here's my take:

I've been a NASCAR fan since 1980 when I moved back to the states from Belgium. It's not often I can or will admit that to anyone.

My vote is Kurt Busch, #97 Ford. I hooked my cheers on him in 2000 because of Mark Martin and Jack Roush. I've been to approximately 20 NASCAR events and his is the one and only autograph I have of a NASCAR driver. I sought him out at Galpin Ford almost 4 years ago during a Roush Mustang promotion. Jack Roush took Mark Martin's advice and brought him into the Roush organization in 2000. He was bumped into the Cup series from only one year in the Craftsman Truck series... skipping the Busch series! I think I was one of 30 people who attended the autograph session and had him sign a Roush Racing hat and a Sharpie hat. I think I made a pretty good pick four years ago! That year he finished 17th in the points, then he finished 3rd in 2002, 11th in 2003, and now he's on top of the points chase just ahead of Dale Ernhardt Jr. He's been called a choirboy with a stiletto in his sock, and that's my kind of driver. Smart, quiet, cagey and not afraid of the rough and tumble. (How much more than Busch does Jimmy Spencer weigh?)

He's been in the top ten in points from the second race of this season. He's got brains for car set-up, crew communication and racing tactics well beyond his age and time behind the wheel. He's a gas to listen to on the in-car audio, very funny and brutally honest of his own faults. He's not a pretty boy like Gordon, Johnson, Kahne, or Mears. In fact, of the "young guns", he's the ugly, beedy-eyed dork. And he spells his name wrong, but it's still Bush!


Kerry to undocumented Haitians, "Vote for me"!

Kerry recently demonstrated his haughtiness and, at the same time, his ability to be "down" with the underclass while addressing a crowd of Haitians in Florida. (This is evidently a major voting block of low hanging fruit that the Bush campaign has erroneously left for Kerry to capitalize on). Speaking in French to the crowd of Haitians, some of whom were there legally, he said what he's been saying to legal U.S. citizens, " I served in Vietnam. Vote for me". -WB

Sunday, October 17, 2004


The Brilliant Victor Davis Hanson

Here is the last paragraph of a wonderful, as always, piece by VDH. The rest of it is even better. Link and pass to the libs and any aimless, hand-wringing, undecided idiots in your world.

"John Kerry is probably going to lose this election, despite the "Vote for Change" rock tour, despite Air America, despite Kitty Kelley's fraud hyped on national media, despite Soros's hit pieces, despite Fahrenheit 9/11, despite the Nobel Prizes and Cannes Film Awards, despite Rathergate and ABC Memogate, despite the European press, despite Kofi Annan's remonstrations, despite a barking Senator Harkin or Kennedy, despite the leaks of rogue CIA Beltway insiders, despite Jimmy Carter's sanctimonious lectures, despite Joe Wilson, Anonymous, and Richard Clarke — and more. You all have given your best shot, but I think you are going to lose.
Why? Because the majority of Americans does not believe you. The majority is more likely to accept George Bush's tragic view that we really are in a war for our very survival to stop those who would kill us and to alter the landscape that produced them — a terrible war that we are winning.
When all is said and done, it still is as simple as that."
©2004 Victor Davis Hanson

VDH's personal link is on the left side of this page. Go there. Go there often. -WB

Friday, October 15, 2004


Something About Kerry

There's something about Kerry. He's dirty.

The Mary Cheney line made me groan a little, but I didn't anticipate the big blow-back from it. I heard Mort Kondrake today compare it to Ford's moment in the debate with Carter when he made the statement that Poland wasn't under the control of Moscow in the middle of a broader comment. It took a few days for the nation to chew on that astonishing remark and it blew back on him pretty hard once it was digested.... not that he had a snowball's chance in hell anyway following Dick's term.

The remark by Kerry involving the Veeps daughter made me think of Trent Lott's doozy at Strom Thurmonds 100th b-day bash. Commenting on Strom's run for the presidency back in the dark ages under the Dixiecrat party, which was very much for segregation, Lott said in so many words, "...too bad he didn't become president, ol' Strom would have made a terrific president." Now Lott, filled with a few gin 'n' tonics, didn't mean at all that we should return to the days of segregation or that he favored any of the Dixiecrat platform. Far from it. Lott has an admirable civil rights voting record and a long history of employing minorities on his campaign staff. But the comment was made and Lott's mistake was not acknowledging it's utter stupidity and not immediately apologizing for it. It took him almost a week to get out from under it and by then it was too late. His own party threw him down not for the comment itself, but for the half-assed contortions he put himself in to justify it and for ultimately apologizing too late. It was a horrible, unintentional fumble.

Kerry's remark on the other hand was simply a stealthily concealed stiletto wholly intended to pierce and wound. He had it tucked away in his sock ready for use in just the perfect situation. Most talking points are packed close to the chest and ready for quick and easy applications in run of the mill verbal combat. Not this weapon, this ones personal and dirty and requires formidable skill. He didn't get away with it, though. Too many people are watching with computers and radios in real time with instant, well dissected replays. The smarmy comment didn't stand a chance, and the blade's been turned back on it's owner. In addition, everyone's lenses are, by now, acutely focused to read into Kerry's multi-faceted gems for any semblance of clarity or concealment.

The internet and today's flash media are like a pond full of piranhas. Only rock solid material stays whole, the soft and loose stuff gets shredded in seconds by an exponentially growing number of sharp eyes and fast fingers toiling away on a story such as Kerry's cut. -WB

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Do they Serve Beer at Skateland

My lucky wife gets to spend several hours with adults tonight. She's lucky enough to have meetings scheduled through 10pm. Then she gets to spend about an hour in the car driving home listening to music and reflecting on the day and anything else that tickles her fancy. I think she intentionally booked this night for late meetings.

Well, my fancy won't be too tickled tonight. I've got to take the lad to Skateland. It seems some sinister and evil cabal of parents have thought it would be fun to get his whole school together at an indoor roller skating rink in the San Fernando Valley. Think Chuckie Cheese but louder and the little cretins are on wheels and twice as fast. I'll be watching parents who don't look too good walking in wheel-less shoes try to look good keeping up with the tots out on a hard wooden floor to the beat of bad music. I'll be deciding whether to eat the pizza made three weeks ago in Riverside or the foot long pencil thin weenie. I'll desperately search the menu board for any hint of beer. It won't be there and I'll have to ask the multiple pierced zit farm in an apron just to be sure. I'll get stuck talking to the same mom I had to talk to at the Laser Tag place last spring. She'll pick up were she left off... (her son's a basket case and you're going to read about him in about ten years the same way we did about Jeffrey Dahlmer and Son of Sam).

I don't do well at these kinds of events without my wife. When she's with me at such functions we're ensuring a long conversation with St. Peter at the pearly gates to explain our uncharitable characterizations and judgments of our fellow human beings. But the fruit hangs so low at these places! The pitches are right over the plate and fat as melons! It's hard for us not to. Oh, I'll miss her tonight

Perhaps I can find a familiar disgruntled face among the parents and coax him into joining me on the tailgate of the truck in the parking lot for a couple of beers and a bag of burritos. -WB


Deconstructing Kerry's Case Against Bush

For the three of you who have checked in on the blog today I'm encouraging you to click on the Victor Davis Hanson link to the left. He's posted part one of a two part piece by Bruce Thornton which thoroughly picks apart Kerry's assertion, (it may still be his assertion as of this posting), that it's the "wrong war, in the wrong place at the wrong time". It deals with the WMD, ties to al Queda, post battle planning, size and flavor of the coalition, and the canard that attacking Saddam was a destraction from the "real war" on terror against bin Laden. You may be able to pick it up directly by clicking here: . I suggest making Victor Davis Hanson's Private Papers web sight a "favorite" on you computer. -WB

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Line Up The Shots! It's Debate Time!

Buzz words and talking points will fly through the air tonight like a heavy bombing campaign. So to keep you interested and on top of the event grab your favorite adult beverage, hide the car keys, and settle in for 90 minutes of serious drinking.

You make your own rules for this game. Here's some sippin' suggestions.

I will fight for....
stem cell
I've been totally consistent...
big oil
radical judges

I'll be enjoying the dark flavors of a great Mexican beer, Negra Modelo .

Bottoms up! -WB

P.S. Ooops. I already cheated.... I've gone and sipped my beer and they haven't even taken the stage yet.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Boston or New York?

Do we root for New York with all the predictability of the sun rising in the morning? Or, do we root for Boston with all the predictability of the sun setting each evening and therefore root for John Kerry's team?

If Boston makes it into the series John Flip Kerry will be throwin' first pitches, (like a girlie-man). He'll get lots of air time sitting in nearby box seats, (having the game explained to him by the owner of the seats and which team are the Red Sox). He'll be interviewed about his love for the game and his hometown team, (explaining in great detail how he'd been present for each of the four World Series championships the Red Sox had won since his first term in office). He'll be asked about his most memorable Red Sox moment, (which was "Kirk Buchner's homerun off Rollie Carlton in the bottom of the 9th to win the series in 1968. I was in Vietnam, (I served heroically, you know?) listening to the game on Armed Forces Radio Network while going up river into Cambodia. It was tough. That memory is seared, seared in my mind").

The prospect of Boston in the World Series and the elite, pompous John Kerry working his ass off to assure the nation he's a regular guy with proper testosterone orientation is worth my cheer.

Go Boston! -WB


The Nuanced nonsense of a Nuisance

So the long faced senator from Massachusetts would like to return to the good ol' days when terrorism was just another "nuisance" like another day to day inconvenience that we deal with with just a shrug of the shoulders and a resolute response such as "Gee, that's too bad."
As I, and the vast majority of Americans, see it, that's how we handled terrorism on September 10, 2001. That's how we handled terrorism for the prior 20 + years from that date. And the ironic thing about our handling terrorism as a nuisance for the last two decades, is that the terrorists viewed our tepid and inconsistent rebuttals to their carnage as a nuisance.
George W. Bush is the first president to treat terrorists and the states that sponsor them as enemies that need to be eliminated. Killed. Dispatched.
Granted, 9/11 accelerated and hardened W's proactive responses. But since 9/11 Senator Kerry has failed to demonstrate an articulate, basic grasp of the threats at hand and the logical aggressive posture to take as a nation to protect ourselves. His nuance, his plans, his hair, his V.P. selection, his record for the last 30+ years and his wife, (who only opens her mouth to change feet), are all nuisances we can do without in the oval office. -WB

Friday, October 08, 2004


The Bar Scene on the Kerry Campaign Trail

Kerry was out in front of the microphones today with his traveling press pool. He was answering questions off-the cuff. Tonight, as is the case every night when the good senator speaks to reporters, the traveling press pool will be gathered in a hotel bar with a huge task ahead of them. They'll pour over their notes and pour drinks until the piano player leaves. They'll outlast the regular hotel guests, the busboy and all but one poor waitress and the bartender. By 1:00 AM they will have congealed around a group of small tables pushed together to hash out just what Mr. Kerry had said that day. It's a daunting task. Un-contorting Kerry's remarks and then contorting them into an entirely coherent message for the next 24 hour news cycle must require a coalition of efforts among the major media outlets. It must also require volumes and volumes of hard liquor.
It can't be much fun for them any more. It can't be good for their livers, either. Poor bastards. -WB

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Again, we'll re-hash it for the slow ones

Another report on the pre-war intelligence, another hearing, and another rush of the ankle-biters and hindsighters to the microphones to denounce the president while the country is in a war footing. And yet another chance for John Kerry to make a complete fool of himself. How one man can so confidently and authoritatively get it all so wrong is remarkable and at the same time frightening. W needs to shut him down hard and thoroughly. To hell with the "new tone" and compassionate conservative stuff. For one night, Friday, W could take some time off and address this punk. There's a rat in the kitchen and it needs to be dispatched.

Let's go over the major points again for the kids who arrived in the little bus being driven by Mr. Kerry.

Saddam is accountable for the deaths of millions of people. Mostly Arab. Mostly Muslim. Mostly innocent.

Saddam has attacked or threatened to attack all of his neighbors.

Saddam had the French build a nuclear plant in which he began to produce weapons grade nuke material.

Saddam used chem/bio weapons during the war with Iran.

Saddam used these same weapons on a population within his own borders.

Saddam harbored foreign terrorists.

Saddam had direct links to and harbored known al Queda operatives.

Saddam, is alleged to have been bin Laden's financier after bin Laden's family froze his accounts and assets and kicked him out of Saudi Arabia back in the mid 90's.

Saddam attempted the suicide of an American president.

Saddam sent huge sums of money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers into Israel.

Saddam flouted every U.N. Security Council resolution crafted to contain him.

Saddam fired upon coalition aircraft patrolling the U.N. imposed no-fly zone.

Saddam was actively pursuing development of WMD.

Saddam has WMD's according to Interpol.

Saddam has WMD's according to French intelligence.

Saddam has WMD's according to German intelligence (and their business community!)

Saddam has WMD's according to Russian intelligence.

Saddam has WMD's according to Egyptian intelligence.

Saddam has WMD's according to Israel.

Saddam has WMD's according to Saudi Arabian intelligence.

Saddam has WMD's according to Madeline Albright.

Saddam has WMD's according to Bill Clinton.

Saddam has WMD's according to Colin Powell.

Saddam has WMD's according to George W. Bush.

Saddam has WMD's according to John Kerry.

Saddam did not fully cooperate with the U.N. weapons inspectors.

Saddam kicked the U.N. weapons inspectors out of Iraq.

Saddam directed funds from the U.N. oil for food program back into his weapons programs and military.

Saddam failed to comply with the final U.N. resolution.

Saddam bribed France, Germany and Russia via the oil for food program to vote against the war on Iraq.

France, Germany and Russia accepted his bribe.

Having seen the world change just a wee bit back on September 11, 2001, and not in the mood to put up with a known threat for one more minute, W pulled together the best posse he could and set out on the war on terror. The first stop after wiping out the Taliban in Afghanistan was to rip this murderous bastard in Iraq out of the community of nations. W and his coalition accomplished this goal and set out to continue the war on terror where terrorists crawl. The fact that WMD's have yet to be found in Iraq should raise the questions, "Where are they? Who has them?", not questions of the integrity of the president of the United States. Only a weak, indecisive, irresponsible and shortsighted president would have allowed Saddam to remain in power following the lessons and hard facts that came to horrible fruition on September 11, 2001.

That's why more than 1,000 American service men have died in this war. That's why we're killing, capturing and sitting on terrorists in over 100 countries and on the high seas. That's why Saddam sits and sleeps next to his stainless steal toilet and sink tonight. -Michael

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


It's A Pleasure to Meet You At Last

Although they apparently met approximately 3 years ago at a prayer breakfast, Cheney's line about meeting the senator for the first time tonight in the context of Edwards' attendance in the Senate was lethal. Cheney was telling us Edwards is all feathers and no bird. A peacock. He struts around place looking fabulous. Period. Not much good for anything else. While guys like Cheney and a healthy number of senators actually do show up and get something done.
We all know guys like Edwards. They're peacocks. Smooth and good looking. Quick to display all the latest inside lingo and buzz words. They know who does what, who eats with who, who said what about whom. They can jump in and out of any conversation anywhere in the food chain. From the shop floor to the boss's suite they morph as need be to fit in and appear to be a valuable part of the enterprise displaying their fabulous feathers.
However, ask anyone in the enterprise to tell you what value the peacock has contributed, or, tell you what measurable achievements the peacock has on his resume.
The answer would be, "Well, let's see.... he's a great guy. So good looking. What plumage! We all just love him.... fun to be around, really."
You press on. "But what does he do? What has he done"?
"A lot, I suppose. Seems pretty busy and up on things to me".
"You really can't tell me anything about his accomplishments or contributions to this organization, can you?", you demand.
"Well, no I can't, come to think of it. He's just, you know, everywhere and, like, does stuff. He must be good at it, though.... they keep letting him do whatever it is".

Back to that prayer meeting 3 years ago when Cheney and Edwards first met. Here's what happened. Mr. Cheney was seated when he saw a guest of his table returning from the powder room. As he stood to hold her chair his napkin fell to the ground. Just as he was picking it up a good looking young man was coming towards him reaching out his hand. "Oh, why thank you." said Vice President Cheney, as he handed Edwards his soiled napkin. "I will need another one 'cause I just spotted some of the best looking cinnamon rolls in Washington. Don't tell my wife, heh-heh-heh." And off they went, never to meet again until October 5, 2004.
It's completely understandable how the Vice President wouldn't have remembered their encounter from 3 years ago. He is, however, acutely aware of his heart condition though. -WB

Monday, October 04, 2004


You know, this internet thing could really take off.

How did this happen? I'm sitting at the computer sending an e-mail to world famous radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt about the presidential debate last Thursday evening. He fires one back telling me it's a good piece and that I ought to create a blog for myself. And he added, "Carol Platt Liebau did today after a lot of heckling. Get moving, Hugh"
So here I am. Some anonymous dude with a key board and an address and faint desire to throw out a thought, opinion or observation to anyone who wanders by.
Now all I have to do point this hot rod in the right direction and step on it.
By the way, you can find Hugh Hewitt at The Hugh Hewitt Show is, in my opinion, the best talk show on the radio for above the belt conservative commentary with a mentally nutritional balance of other worthy pleasures in life. Give him a test drive.
I suppose Carol Platt Liebau's blog deserves a plug here, too, as that's where I found out how to create this time consuming activity to my already consumed life.
More to come on the name Wagon Boy... (Unless you want to open your book by Hugh Hewitt, If It's Not Close They Can't Cheat... to page 125, Chapter 21 "GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS".)
Yes indeed. This internet thing could really take off. -WB

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