Monday, October 25, 2004


As I Called It, Kerry's No Average Guy

As posted here on Tuesday, October 12 I made the claim that John Kerry would look like a fool trying to show the world what an "everyman" he is by riding the coat tails of the Boston Red Sox. Got to Oct. Archives and scroll down.

Go here: to read how Kerry couldn't possibly give a hoot or have a clue about his hometown ball club in the World Series, and therefore, ain't The Man he'd like us all to think he is. The Bo' Sox in the World Series isn't exactly an every year occurrence and the chance of them winning the World Series is so far 1 in 86. So, when they do make the big dance every guy in the nation with half an ounce of testosterone, at least one testicle, and who doesn't shave his chest has some modest conversational points about the Red Sox to contribute at the water cooler and on the bar stool. -WB

The shotgun / Elmer Fudd thing didn't work for him, either.
Nor the Baywatch / windsurfing stunt.
Or the get-out-the-baggy-pants-slacker-vote / snowboarding gig.
Or the "I care" / Lance Armstrong yellow wristband.
Or the Praise the Lord, Bro' / Black church choir sing along.
Or the save-the-planet / Ford Hybrid circus car purchase.

This freak has to try too hard to get people to like him. Were it not for a national campaign, he wouldn't touch any of this with a ten foot pole. None of it. -WB

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