Friday, October 08, 2004


The Bar Scene on the Kerry Campaign Trail

Kerry was out in front of the microphones today with his traveling press pool. He was answering questions off-the cuff. Tonight, as is the case every night when the good senator speaks to reporters, the traveling press pool will be gathered in a hotel bar with a huge task ahead of them. They'll pour over their notes and pour drinks until the piano player leaves. They'll outlast the regular hotel guests, the busboy and all but one poor waitress and the bartender. By 1:00 AM they will have congealed around a group of small tables pushed together to hash out just what Mr. Kerry had said that day. It's a daunting task. Un-contorting Kerry's remarks and then contorting them into an entirely coherent message for the next 24 hour news cycle must require a coalition of efforts among the major media outlets. It must also require volumes and volumes of hard liquor.
It can't be much fun for them any more. It can't be good for their livers, either. Poor bastards. -WB

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