Tuesday, October 05, 2004


It's A Pleasure to Meet You At Last

Although they apparently met approximately 3 years ago at a prayer breakfast, Cheney's line about meeting the senator for the first time tonight in the context of Edwards' attendance in the Senate was lethal. Cheney was telling us Edwards is all feathers and no bird. A peacock. He struts around place looking fabulous. Period. Not much good for anything else. While guys like Cheney and a healthy number of senators actually do show up and get something done.
We all know guys like Edwards. They're peacocks. Smooth and good looking. Quick to display all the latest inside lingo and buzz words. They know who does what, who eats with who, who said what about whom. They can jump in and out of any conversation anywhere in the food chain. From the shop floor to the boss's suite they morph as need be to fit in and appear to be a valuable part of the enterprise displaying their fabulous feathers.
However, ask anyone in the enterprise to tell you what value the peacock has contributed, or, tell you what measurable achievements the peacock has on his resume.
The answer would be, "Well, let's see.... he's a great guy. So good looking. What plumage! We all just love him.... fun to be around, really."
You press on. "But what does he do? What has he done"?
"A lot, I suppose. Seems pretty busy and up on things to me".
"You really can't tell me anything about his accomplishments or contributions to this organization, can you?", you demand.
"Well, no I can't, come to think of it. He's just, you know, everywhere and, like, does stuff. He must be good at it, though.... they keep letting him do whatever it is".

Back to that prayer meeting 3 years ago when Cheney and Edwards first met. Here's what happened. Mr. Cheney was seated when he saw a guest of his table returning from the powder room. As he stood to hold her chair his napkin fell to the ground. Just as he was picking it up a good looking young man was coming towards him reaching out his hand. "Oh, why thank you." said Vice President Cheney, as he handed Edwards his soiled napkin. "I will need another one 'cause I just spotted some of the best looking cinnamon rolls in Washington. Don't tell my wife, heh-heh-heh." And off they went, never to meet again until October 5, 2004.
It's completely understandable how the Vice President wouldn't have remembered their encounter from 3 years ago. He is, however, acutely aware of his heart condition though. -WB

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