Wednesday, October 27, 2004


The Moon, The Sox, and Arafat

It's about 8:15 PM here on the west coast. The Bo' Sox are up 3 zip in the bottom of the 8th, the moon is in the eastern sky behind the broad shade of Earth, and the terrorist Yasser Arafat is near death. What a night! I've got champagne ready in the fridge, and it's not for the moon or Boston.
My son and I are carving pumpkins and watching game four of the World Series. We're making periodic trips outside to check on the progress of the eclipse. Wow, what a sight! It's a little cloudy here so the effect is very dramatic. I'm also checking the web for signs of good news that Arafat has assumed room temperature.
Who knows who will take the terrorist Arafat's place is of little concern. The moment of his death will be welcomed around the world, (except in France, Chappaquidic, and the DNC / Kerry headquarters). I'll be celebrating his departure with a toast to humanity, to Israel and to the Palestinians who've had to suffer under his tutelage. Who wouldn't? The U.N. set up this thuggish murderer with plot of land and a population so despised that not one Muslim country offered to take them in. He turned his land into a nightmarish hellhole and convinced countries around the world to subsidize it. I heard on the radio today from a commentator that Arafat, if given Switzerland, could turn it into barren rock, squalor and death.
So good riddance, you evil rat. The world is already a better place as you breath less of it's air. Cheers, everyone! -WB

P.S. It's now 8:41PM and Boston has just dispensed with the curse!. Two down for the night, one to go. -WB

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