Tuesday, October 19, 2004


My Pick For the NASCAR Championship

Today over at radioblogger, http://www.radioblogger.com/, the sight run by Generalissimo from the Hugh Hewitt Show, http://www.hughhewitt.com/, he discusses the presidential endorsements of the top ten drivers in the Nextel Cup points chase. His take on the drivers is a little weird, but he asks for your picks and / or opinions of the drivers and which one would you like to see win the championship. ( By the way, 9 out of the 10 support Bush. Go there to find out which driver hasn't supported either candidate)
Here's my take:

I've been a NASCAR fan since 1980 when I moved back to the states from Belgium. It's not often I can or will admit that to anyone.

My vote is Kurt Busch, #97 Ford. I hooked my cheers on him in 2000 because of Mark Martin and Jack Roush. I've been to approximately 20 NASCAR events and his is the one and only autograph I have of a NASCAR driver. I sought him out at Galpin Ford almost 4 years ago during a Roush Mustang promotion. Jack Roush took Mark Martin's advice and brought him into the Roush organization in 2000. He was bumped into the Cup series from only one year in the Craftsman Truck series... skipping the Busch series! I think I was one of 30 people who attended the autograph session and had him sign a Roush Racing hat and a Sharpie hat. I think I made a pretty good pick four years ago! That year he finished 17th in the points, then he finished 3rd in 2002, 11th in 2003, and now he's on top of the points chase just ahead of Dale Ernhardt Jr. He's been called a choirboy with a stiletto in his sock, and that's my kind of driver. Smart, quiet, cagey and not afraid of the rough and tumble. (How much more than Busch does Jimmy Spencer weigh?)

He's been in the top ten in points from the second race of this season. He's got brains for car set-up, crew communication and racing tactics well beyond his age and time behind the wheel. He's a gas to listen to on the in-car audio, very funny and brutally honest of his own faults. He's not a pretty boy like Gordon, Johnson, Kahne, or Mears. In fact, of the "young guns", he's the ugly, beedy-eyed dork. And he spells his name wrong, but it's still Bush!

I agree,

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