Friday, October 15, 2004


Something About Kerry

There's something about Kerry. He's dirty.

The Mary Cheney line made me groan a little, but I didn't anticipate the big blow-back from it. I heard Mort Kondrake today compare it to Ford's moment in the debate with Carter when he made the statement that Poland wasn't under the control of Moscow in the middle of a broader comment. It took a few days for the nation to chew on that astonishing remark and it blew back on him pretty hard once it was digested.... not that he had a snowball's chance in hell anyway following Dick's term.

The remark by Kerry involving the Veeps daughter made me think of Trent Lott's doozy at Strom Thurmonds 100th b-day bash. Commenting on Strom's run for the presidency back in the dark ages under the Dixiecrat party, which was very much for segregation, Lott said in so many words, "...too bad he didn't become president, ol' Strom would have made a terrific president." Now Lott, filled with a few gin 'n' tonics, didn't mean at all that we should return to the days of segregation or that he favored any of the Dixiecrat platform. Far from it. Lott has an admirable civil rights voting record and a long history of employing minorities on his campaign staff. But the comment was made and Lott's mistake was not acknowledging it's utter stupidity and not immediately apologizing for it. It took him almost a week to get out from under it and by then it was too late. His own party threw him down not for the comment itself, but for the half-assed contortions he put himself in to justify it and for ultimately apologizing too late. It was a horrible, unintentional fumble.

Kerry's remark on the other hand was simply a stealthily concealed stiletto wholly intended to pierce and wound. He had it tucked away in his sock ready for use in just the perfect situation. Most talking points are packed close to the chest and ready for quick and easy applications in run of the mill verbal combat. Not this weapon, this ones personal and dirty and requires formidable skill. He didn't get away with it, though. Too many people are watching with computers and radios in real time with instant, well dissected replays. The smarmy comment didn't stand a chance, and the blade's been turned back on it's owner. In addition, everyone's lenses are, by now, acutely focused to read into Kerry's multi-faceted gems for any semblance of clarity or concealment.

The internet and today's flash media are like a pond full of piranhas. Only rock solid material stays whole, the soft and loose stuff gets shredded in seconds by an exponentially growing number of sharp eyes and fast fingers toiling away on a story such as Kerry's cut. -WB

Yes. Loved the stiletto analogy. I don't konw Kerry and am not prepared to judge his overall character, but what he did here was not the act of a decent man.
With all due respect, one does not shape their opinion of John Kerry from this one incident. The record clearly shows the mans lack of character and decency over a 30 plus year history. Those who can not see it, choose not to and expose their own moral compass.
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