Monday, October 04, 2004


You know, this internet thing could really take off.

How did this happen? I'm sitting at the computer sending an e-mail to world famous radio host and blogger Hugh Hewitt about the presidential debate last Thursday evening. He fires one back telling me it's a good piece and that I ought to create a blog for myself. And he added, "Carol Platt Liebau did today after a lot of heckling. Get moving, Hugh"
So here I am. Some anonymous dude with a key board and an address and faint desire to throw out a thought, opinion or observation to anyone who wanders by.
Now all I have to do point this hot rod in the right direction and step on it.
By the way, you can find Hugh Hewitt at The Hugh Hewitt Show is, in my opinion, the best talk show on the radio for above the belt conservative commentary with a mentally nutritional balance of other worthy pleasures in life. Give him a test drive.
I suppose Carol Platt Liebau's blog deserves a plug here, too, as that's where I found out how to create this time consuming activity to my already consumed life.
More to come on the name Wagon Boy... (Unless you want to open your book by Hugh Hewitt, If It's Not Close They Can't Cheat... to page 125, Chapter 21 "GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS".)
Yes indeed. This internet thing could really take off. -WB

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