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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Some Things to be Thankful For

For conservatives this year the Thanksgiving grace could go on 'til the turkey starts to decompose. Aside from the usual, and most important, blessings in our lives; our family, friends, health, home, and employment, the side dishes of our lives are as beautiful as they are bountiful. Here's a handful to get started:

The number one thank you on my list goes to the brave and noble men and women of our armed services spread around the globe keeping us safe here at home. Far from home and loved ones performing daunting tasks and selfless heroic actions because something inside them says they have to, and, they posses the heart and courage to follow this calling on their nation's behalf. Especially the Pat Tillman's of our great nation who've sacrificed comfortable lives so ours can go on in peace.

The American voter. A majority of whom weren't snowed by the spin and smoke of a wildly overwhelming onslaught from all corners of our culture and from around the globe. Freedom, security, faith and common sense still show up at the ballot box.

George W. Bush. A righteous president in a beautiful, solid and grounded coat-of-armor constructed of faith in God and in his fellow man who possesses a clearer picture than most leaders of right and wrong, good and evil.

John Ashcroft. Thank you Mr. Attorney General. We're all still here and accounted for. Enjoy your retirement.

Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. They know what to do with evil and don't pay much attention to the P.C. winds in their face.

Senator-elect John Thune. He took on the senate minority leader and chief obstructionist and beat him.

The Red Sox. They made baseball fun to watch again and put to bed an unworthy curse. (And embarrassed the New York Yankees!)

Arnold Schwarzenegger. A year later and the battered leviathan of California is showing signs of a healthy turn around.

Swift Boat Veterans. Held their ground and restored the honor and valor of thousands of their fellow veterans living with heavy and quiet hearts.

Zel Miller. Clear eyed. Clear conscience.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board, Real Clear Politics, Hugh Hewitt, Victor Davis Hanson, and the 20 plus other places I go for news and information on the internet.

Michael Moore. His ability to drive voter turnout for conservatives is surpassed only by his ability to eat.

Saddam's capture and the elimination of his rabid sons Uday and Kusay.

Yasser Arafat. I'm Thankful for his current medical condition and that he's stabilized.

Osama's inability to function. I still think he's dead.

Afghanistan's freshman voting class. Freedom is for everybody not some of us.

The new congressmen and senators who gave us larger majorities in both houses of congress.

I'll thank in advance the two or three Supreme Court Justices who exit stage right and left during W's second term.

Halliburton. Thank you for providing life saving services and support to our troops and the brave men and women working within the coalition to bring peace and stability to one of the worlds hell holes.

Kofi Annan. For bungling so much in the U.N. that it's become impossible, for all but the most blindfolded, to view the organization as anything but a corrupt worthless body of blowhards, freeriders and grifters.

Kurt Busch. The only sports figure I've ever sought out an autograph from, (four years ago). At 26, he just won the NASCAR Nextel Cup championship last Sunday by 8 points. He and his team are a testament to staying cool under devastating mishaps and performing at 110% for 36 races. He made me right four years ago when I told my wife that, "He'll be the Cup champion soon." She doesn't care. She's still unimpressed

My boss, Michael H. He allowed me to have the day before Thanksgiving off so I can drive the fetching Mrs. Wagonboy and the Lad from So. Cal. to San Francisco and spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family for the first time in 22 years. In retail this weekend is the super bowl and I've never missed a play or pre-game preparation... I'm back in the game by noon on Friday, though.

And finally, I'm thankful for the six or seven people reading this blog so it's not a total waste of my time. Have a safe and restful Thanksgiving. God bless you. -WB

Friday, November 19, 2004


Rich Galen At

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Today he had a wonderful take on the Clinton Library wet love fest, including this little gem;

In an interview with ABC News Clinton is quoted as having said he never "lied to the American people about my job."
The man is a parsing genius.
Extra Credit Assignment: Pick a word - describing the movement of air - which, if inserted between "my" and "job," renders Mr. Clinton's statement wholly inaccurate

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The C.E.O. As President

It's nice having our White House run like a professional enterprise by a CEO rather than a high school yearbook committee.

Here's a good article by Fed Barnes in the Weekly Standard; -Wb
In the new issue of The Weekly Standard:
-Fred Barnes on Bush's second term:

President Bush always believed he would be reelected. So in the weeks before November 2, he repeatedly discussed with White House aides who should replace the departing Cabinet members in his second term. And decisions were made, pre-Election Day. Alberto Gonzales, the president's legal counsel, would succeed John Ashcroft as attorney general, and Margaret Spellings, chief White House domestic adviser, would take over for Rod Paige as education secretary. Another decision: Those planning to leave the administration at their leisure over the coming months would be asked to depart immediately. When Secretary of State Colin Powell met with Bush on November 11, he requested to stay a few extra months to tie up loose ends at the State Department. Bush said no, and Powell's resignation was announced last Monday. The next day, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice was named as Powell's successor. If anyone thought the president would relax after an arduous campaign--I certainly did--they were wrong. The three prior presidents to win reelection (Nixon, Reagan, Clinton) had relatively skimpy plans for their second terms, but Bush has a breathtakingly ambitious agenda. To achieve it, he wants full control over his administration. He wants Cabinet members whom he knows and trusts. Thus, what an official calls "the Gonzales model" of dispatching White House aides or other loyalists to take over key agencies is being followed. The president also believes the new Cabinet officers should be installed as quickly as possible. That way they'll be ready early next year for expected struggles with Congress, recalcitrant federal bureaucracies, and opponents of America and of Bush's drive for democracy around the world.
The president hasn't listed his priorities for 2005, but it's not difficult to figure them out. Winning the war in Iraq and the battle against terrorists is number one. The second priority, given the likelihood of as many as three or four Supreme Court vacancies, is gaining Senate confirmation of conservative justices. Number three: Social Security reform. A bill is now being drafted at the White House to create individual investment accounts and to produce savings aimed at keeping the Social Security system from insolvency. Four, tax reform. Five, tort reform. Six, an energy bill that increases domestic oil and gas production. The list goes on . . .
Log on to on Saturday, November 20, to read the rest.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Delusional Liberals Keep Up The Good Fight. Please!

I received a funny call from my sister today telling me of a cell phone conversation she had overheard while taking the ferry from San Francisco to Marin on her way home. A gentleman was on his cell phone talking to a lawyer buddy in Ohio who was actively working to get John Kerry elected once the states votes were recounted. He sounded very optimistic according to my sister. He said the issue was snowballing in the media and all over the internet. My sister caught the gaze of a fellow commuter who was listening in as well to the excited gentleman's conversation. They each rolled their eyes and gave each other a knowing smile. Let him keep swimming in his delusions.

I then came across this in the Marin Independent Journal and sent them a little note, (which follows the article). -Wb

Marin Independent Journal
The election that won't end: Democrats explore theory that Kerry Won

By Richard Halstead IJ reporter

Thursday, November 18, 2004 - The presidential race lives on for a group of Marin Democrats and liberal allies who gathered at a San Anselmo bar Tuesday night.
More than two dozen people turned out to share a beer and discuss the possibility that their candidate, John Kerry, garnered more votes than George W. Bush.
"This is something that is boiling over among Internet Democrats," said Paul Apffel, who serves as secretary to the Marin Democratic Party.
Marin Democratic leaders called the meeting after they received numerous calls and e-mails urging the party to act, Apffel said.
Thanks largely to Internet bloggers and liberal talk-radio stations such as KPFA and KQKE, Kerry supporters throughout the Bay Area are thinking the unthinkable - perhaps the election was stolen. The evidence they cite, however, is weak.
"What we can prove right now is that there is no proof," said Jim March, who sits on the board of Black Box Voting, a nonprofit that has led the way in questioning the security of electronic voting systems.
March said there is insufficient proof to say the election was stolen. There is also insufficient evidence to say that George W. Bush was the legitimate winner - given how easy it is to tamper with existing electronic voting systems, he said.
March will speak tomorrow night at a program organized by the Marin Peace and Justice Coalition. The event, which begins at 7:30 p.m. at the College of Marin's Olney Hall, is being called: "Was our election stolen? And what the bleep can we do?"
March, together with author Bev Harris, sued Diebold Elections Systems alleging that the company made false claims about the security of its voting systems. Attorney General Bill Lockyer and Alameda County followed their lead with a similar suit. Last week, Lockyer announced that Diebold had agreed to settle out of court for $2.6 million.
"Basically, this software is tamper-friendly," March said.
Assemblyman Joe Nation, D-San Rafael, has his own Diebold story.
Nation worked for the Kerry campaign in Ohio on election day. He said dozens of people called from precincts in the Youngs-town area complaining that when they tried to vote for Kerry their votes went to Bush. The voters said they were able to correct the mistake. They were using Diebold touchscreen voting machines, Nation said.
When contacted, Ohio election officials said they were aware of the malfunction, and it was a calibration problem, Nation said. He has spoken with members of the Kerry team, and they do not believe such problems were widespread.
The conspiracy theories were ignited by exit polls that early on election day showed Kerry with a substantial lead.
The director of the Field Poll, Mark DiCamillo of Mill Valley, said the early exit poll information was leaked onto the Internet. It was incomplete and therefore half-baked, DiCamillo said.
He explained that exit polls consist of two stages. The first stage involves interviewing voters throughout the day on how they voted. The second stage begins after polls close. A small number of votes are counted in representative precincts.
"The critics are the people who are saying, 'Why didn't the exit poll get it right at midday after its first tally of people who are leaving the polls at 7 in the morning?' Now come on!" DiCamillo said.
Those who smell a conspiracy commonly cite another anomaly. Many counties in Florida, where an overwhelming majority of registered voters are Democrats, voted overwhelmingly for Bush. It turns out, however, that registered Democrats in small Florida counties have been voting for Republicans at the top of the ticket since Ronald Reagan, or before.
"The fish gets two inches longer every time you hear the fish story," said Marin Democratic Party Chairman John Alden, regarding the effect the Internet has had on the controversy.
Alden said a lot of the outrage is coming from people who are to the left of most Democrats.
"I see a lot of people in the Green Party who are concerned about it," he said.
Ralph Nader has asked for a recount of votes cast in 11 New Hampshire pre-cincts that use Diebold's optical scanning machines. And a pair of third-party candidates in Ohio have collected more than the $113,600 necessary to force a statewide recount there.
Apffel says one thing is sure: Until voters feel confident that electronic voting systems are secure, they are going to continue to have doubts about election results.
Contact Richard Halstead via e-mail at

My note to R. Halstead at the MIJ :

Kerry won. There's no doubt about it.

I'm writing to encourage the Marin Independent Journal to keep fanning the flames of this delusional bonfire which keeps the fever swamps of the fringe left warm and secure while at the same time providing costly busy-work. The longer they're lost in the mesmerizing flames of hate, despair and resentment the farther ahead conservatives can move.

Stay focused, lefty dead-enders! Kerry won and you'll prove it some how, some way, some day.

Michael Smith
Northridge, Ca


Time's Man Of The Year; If not W, Then It Ought To Be The American Voter

Time magazine is conducting round table meetings with members of the MSM, talk show hosts, bloggers, commentators, international swells and know-it-alls of all stripes. Hugh Hewitt was one of those selected to hash out the possible selections among a table of varied opiners. He's written of the discussion and his choice (can you guess?) at,

In my opinion, if it's not Bush then it ought to be the American voter. He turned out in record numbers, delivered a decisive victory to the presidents campaign and vision. He also ignored a tidal wave of idiocy and naked bias, and, did so without the forecasted turmoil, confusion and corrosive lawyering. -Wagonboy

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Target To Salvation Army, "Bah Humbug!"

Target Stores announced that they will not let the Salvation Army man it's famous red kettles at any of it's locations this Christmas season. The Salvation Army is one of, if not the most, efficient and effective charitable organizations in the world. They focus on the lowest of the low, the hardest of the hard and worst of the worst through a remarkable volunteer and clientele organization.
I like Target. We've got a housefull of Target things. I'm not setting foot in Target this Christmas season.
I've added The Salvation Army to my links on the left margin. Please send them a little gift this season.-Wb

Go here and send a letter : Target
Go here and send a donation:

Tuesday, November 16, 2004



Over at James Lileks' place,, he's made two wonderful points. The first deals with our fourth estate and the need to turn the soil in that compost heap.
"The Administration is clearing the decks for the second term. Out with the old & tired,, in with new ideas, etc. How's about the mainstream media does the same? Burn up half the deadwood, ease the ossified elements off the stage, bring in new writers and editors and announcers and producers. If they can do it at State, they could do it at CBS.Yes, yes, I know. The State Department is just that. But CBS is the news."

Lileks nails it. If ever ever an industry needed a top to bottom shake-up, big media is ripe. The U.S. auto industry got rolled in the 70's, air traffic controllers took it in the shorts in the 80's, high tech got the slap down in the late 90's and took big accounting with it, so it's high time we tee up the media biggies. We'll start with Chris Mathews for this unbelievable comment/question on Monday night's Hardball show:

"Well, let me ask you about this. If this were the other side, and we were watching an enemy soldier --a rival, I mean they're not bad guys especially, just people who just disagree with us, they are in fact the insurgents, fighting us in their country-- if we saw one of them do what we saw our guy do to that guy, would we consider that worthy of a war crimes charge?" Chris Mathews, Hardball, 11/16/04

Read that again. I've highlighted the shocking stuff. You know, all this time I thought the terrorists we were fighting were immoral Islamofascist animals who behead innocent civilians on video for world wide distribution, strap C-4 belts to young kids for the purpose of blowing up packed public buses, high-jack and fly jets into buildings, murder children by the hundreds at school, torture and mutilate civilian aid workers, attack and execute Iraqi police recruits and wreak unspeakable acts of barbaric violence around the globe all in the name Allah. I was completely unaware that they're only mere "rivals", who "just disagree with us" and who are "not bad guys especially", they're just "insurgents fighting us in their own country". Wow. This whole Iraq mess really could have been avoided had we all possessed the elitist logic of moral equivalence that Chris Mathews has been anointed with.
Can his ass. He clearly wouldn't be disappointed were we to lose this war and live the life Israel has for the next 40 years.

And then there's the number two quote of the day from James Lileks:
"Oh, there's news; the cabinet shakeup is interesting. Yay Condi Rice. I want her to go to Saudi Arabia, and I want her first words upon getting off the plane to be "I'll drive." As for the Department of Education, I'd like to see an experiment: let the position go unfilled for four years and see if it has any impact on the educational abilities of the nation's youth. I'm guessing no one would notice if we didn't have a Secretary of Education. Everyone just keep on doing what you're doing, and get back to us." James Lileks,, 11/16/04

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Those Eloquently Disingenuous French

Friday's Wall Street Journal had the best set of Letters To The Editor I'd seen in a long time. There are five of them and each one tweaks the nose of The French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier who wrote "A Letter To America" on the Nov. 8th WSJ editorial page. I remember reading Mr. Barnier's hollow and patronizing blather last week and thinking to myself that his petite letter would certainly draw some good responses from the Journal audience. I wasn't let down. First Mr. Barnier's eloquently disingenuous article, then the five great letters carving it and him to pieces. My favorite is the second letter. Enjoy. -Wb

A Letter to America
By MICHEL BARNIERNovember 8, 2004; Page A14
I am writing to you as a friend of America. When I think of your great nation, the words "peace," "freedom" and "prosperity" come to mind. Together we have tirelessly promoted these ideals, which underpin our democracies, and -- particularly in the dark hours since September 11 -- we have relentlessly fought the terrorist threat that jeopardizes them.
I am writing to you as the citizen of a country that helped your country secure its own independence and later received your help, as faithful allies and liberators. The ceremonies of the 60th anniversary of D-Day were a stunning tribute to the American soldiers who fell in Normandy to win our freedom and that of Europe. Our destinies are intertwined. History demonstrates this, and economics proves it: two-thirds of your direct investment abroad are made in Europe, and Europe accounts for 75% of foreign direct investment in the U.S. In 2003, our exchange of goods and services approached $400 billion. France is the largest investor in U.S. stocks after the U.K. These investments represent about 650,000 U.S. jobs.
Because of all the things that connect us, I'm concerned about the campaigns against my country, and the recent surge of "French-bashing." There's a paradox here, since France is actually among your best friends in the fight against terrorism. Our intelligence experts work hand in hand and French special forces fight by your side in Afghanistan. Likewise, France is one of your most solid partners within the Atlantic Alliance. It heads NATO's operations in Kosovo and Afghanistan. It is the second-largest contributor to the NATO Reaction Force. In the end, the most inaccurate clich├ęs are obscuring the most obvious truths. It is time to put a stop to it.
More generally, I'm concerned to see both Americans and Europeans expressing doubts over the future of transatlantic relations, and I'm troubled to see that Europe is misunderstood, if not scorned, in the U.S. The European Union is changing. It has opened to the East. Soon, I hope, it will have a Constitution that will make its institutions more effective and legitimate. It is in America's interest that Europe asserts itself as a powerful, reliable partner. As President Kennedy once said, the U.S. should see "in such a Europe a partner with whom we could deal on a basis of full equality."
Indeed, we have so much to do together to promote democracy, security and development. In the Middle East, first of all, where Europeans have long been involved. Let us recognize without animosity that the war in Iraq deeply divided us. The facts have been established and History will decide. But the important thing now is to turn Iraq into a real success story. France has no other aim. It will not send troops there but it is ready to help train Iraqi security forces and resolve the debt problem, and more broadly, to help prepare Iraq for elections in January.
We must also break the deadlock in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is the matrix of a number of other conflicts, and serves as the pretext for numerous acts of terrorism. Let us not leave this situation unresolved and the Middle East without a future. Let us revive the Road Map and reactivate the Quartet. We must be ready to accompany any effort in this direction with financial support, but also with an international presence on the ground.
Iran is another priority. Out of concern for developments in the Iranian nuclear program, the Europeans have launched an initiative to obtain all the necessary guarantees from Tehran. This balanced proposal will have a greater chance of success if it enjoys firm American support. Alone, we run the risk of failure. Together we can succeed.
Elsewhere, we must continue working side by side: in Afghanistan, to consolidate that nascent democracy; in Africa, which brings together so many of the challenges of today's world; in the Balkans, so that its countries can complete their transition toward European-Atlantic institutions; and in Haiti, to put an end to the infernal cycle of poverty and instability.
Because we have common interests everywhere, we should have common ambitions. This is why I believe we must give a new impetus to our political relations. When it comes to defense and trade, instruments of cooperation already exist and work well. There's no need to invent new ones. The political dialogue between the EU and the U.S., on the other hand, is insufficient. The time has come to give it more substance. The U.S. election and the signing of the first European Constitution, now in the process of ratification, offer an opportunity to give new momentum to our political partnership. The Europeans, and the French first among them, are waiting for this. Why not convene a high-level group right now, consisting of independent, respected figures from both sides of the Atlantic to explore ways in which we can deepen our political cooperation?
America needs a capable, responsible Europe. And Europe needs a strong America, engaged in world affairs. Transatlantic cooperation has always been an essential condition for peace. Today, in a world that has become more unstable and more dangerous, our alliance is more necessary than ever. Let us make sure that it is able to meet the challenges that await us.
Mr. Barnier is foreign minister of France

The letters. Fire at will!
Ah, France, Ma Cherie . . . C'est FiniNovember 12, 2004; Page A13
French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier wrote "A Letter to America1" on your Nov. 8 editorial page; in it he sounds sincerely perplexed by American reluctance to take France seriously. He suggested that America and the EU "have so much to do together to promote democracy, security and development." It's hard to imagine a more disingenuous statement -- no nation has done more than France to discredit, subvert and attack American foreign policy at every turn over the past two years, in the media, in the U.N. and at virtually every multilateral summit.
Americans are waking up to the true nature of this "faux ally": The current anti-Semitism in Europe is at its most virulent in France, even as a Palestinian celebrity terrorist on his death bed in a French hospital received tearful accolades from the French elite, and visits by the French president and other officials.
In such a context, can anyone take French protestations of concern over the Atlantic Alliance seriously?
Stephen CarterTaichung, Taiwan

France, my love, though I have missed you, I have not missed you much. Your language once lightened my spirit, but now, laden with vitriol, it is burdensome and saps my joie de vivre. Your behavior, once coquettish in its charms, now seems only venal, self-serving and, well, provincial. The occasion of a rendezvous, or as you suggested, a "high level" meeting, would have one day aroused my anticipation, but now, after so many false promises and such unfaithfulness, enlists only ennui in doing that which we have done so dispassionately so many times before. Though it is true we must remain together for the sake of those who rely upon us, I feel I must be honest and confess that you have, to me, grown old, and that I no longer find you attractive.
You can expect, of course, that I will remain discreet in my (d)alliances.
John WightPleasant Grove, Utah

In his letter, Michel Barnier poses a series of challenges to both the United States and France, urging that several "deadlocks" be broken to establish a more promising future for Franco-American relations. While his eloquence in stressing broad common goals and recalling past days of glory and amity is most welcome, he conveniently glosses over the very real issues that have created the wedge and the animosity in the relationship: France's failure to stand tall, to "be there" with an ally who has sacrificed much on behalf of the inheritors of Lafayette. As for bashing France, about which Mr. Barnier complains and demands that it stop, how should the average American assess recent French behavior?
France's interests are defined by President Chirac, whom I have known for more than a quarter-century, and implemented by members of his cabinet, such as Mr. Barnier. So long as Mr. Chirac believes that a strong America, assertive in the war on terror and determined to prosecute the war on global terror, is a presence inimical to the interests of France, one that needs to be restrained, there will be no effective dialogue.
Instead of sending indirect messages to newly re-elected President Bush, Mr. Chirac might profitably extend a hand, while interpreting French interests within the prism of shared interests. And Mr. Barnier might better advise his president to seize the opportunity to improve relations promptly, while the window of opportunity remains open.
Richard V. AllenWashington and Denver
(Mr. Allen was national security adviser to President Reagan and is currently a member of the Defense Policy Board).

Mr. Barnier finally got to the heart of the matter in his last paragraph with the statement, "America needs a capable, responsible Europe." Absolutely correct! When Europe becomes capable and responsible, please feel free to call. We had been waiting impatiently. And in case you might not have noticed during your prolonged fits of contemplating your navels and placating terrorists, we have decided to move on.
R. Douglas Hume, Ph.D.Kalamazoo, Mich.

Three cheers for Mr. Barnier's encouraging and supportive Letter. Given the post-election timing of its publication, one wonders if Mr. Barnier perhaps wrote two letters? One for an America with President-elect Kerry and the one published in the Journal. Notably, Mr. Barnier's message was equally as valid on Nov. 1 as it was on Nov. 9. However, his expression of support and cooperation for the U.S., while welcome, would have been more symbolically meaningful and politically powerful had he made it when the outcome of the U.S. presidential election was still undetermined.
Chris ScibelliLos Angeles

Friday, November 12, 2004


The Autoautopsy of Kerry/Edwards

The multiple scenes of the crime are being cataloged, the many suspects have been fingered for interrogation and the blood is being mopped up from the buses, planes, offices, windsurfers and even a boat in Boston harbor. Some suspects have vanished, others are singing like canaries. The autopsy of the Kerry campaign is well under way and some of us watching from the gallery have our noses pressed to the glass relishing every cut.

From my seat in the gallery, the best forensics are being performed by the very people who are accessories to the death (suicide?) of the Kerry Edwards campaign. Kerry's people. Clinton's people. Kennedy's people. Jeeze! It's all elbows and assholes in there! It's actually turned into a zombie corpse that is now in the process of disemboweling itself. A self, or "auto" autopsy. It's not pretty or graceful to the observers, but self inflicted lacerations never are. Let's watch! - WB

From the New Republic, a center-left weekly, comes this brutally honest account.

Thursday, November 11, 2004



Champagne for all in my bed!
Last night around 9:30 I regained consciousness on the couch in the den for the fifth time and ceded defeat to the 9 year old lad by handing him the remote. He was allowed to stay up with Sponge Bob because there's no school today in honor of Veteran's Day. Up in the bedroom, I found the fetching Mrs. Wagonboy who had the TV on and was engrossed in some smarmy pretty-boy deciding on which fake blonde bimbo with activated airbags to take as his bride. Mansions, tuxedos, jewels, limousines, Barbies and Kents... it's uncanny how my life resembles this reality show, The Bachelor. She looked at me, then back at the smarmy-pretty boy and held her gaze there. I crawled into bed with her anyway just as the show was ending. One Barbie was sent packing from the show in a 56 foot long limo in which she was asked to share her feelings with the whole entire world. She seemed utterly lost and defeated and will likely commit suicide.
Mrs. Wagonboy began surfing through the channels at the top of the hour and zipped through Fox News for a nano second. "GO BACK! GO BACK!" I screamed. And there it was, affixed to the bottom of the screen, "Yasser Arafat dead at 75". It had been announced by a member of the benevolent PLO. I immediately bolted out of bed and hurried downstairs to get the champagne and glasses. All my commotion caught the attention of the lad so he turned off his cartoons and joined us upstairs for the little celebration. He's been taught about good guys and bad guys and Yasser Arafat was an appropriate individual for the lad to view as a bad guy.
"Why was he a bad guy?"  He killed thousands innocent people and made his own followers suffer needlessly. He stole money, he lied and tried to claim land and territory that didn't belong to him by blowing up and terrorizing the people who live there.
"And he's gone now? Forever?" Yep, he died.  "Good", said the lad. I gave him a sip of champagne. -Wb
The following are recent links about the murderous celebrity terrorist. Should anyone wonder why it's a good thing that he's taking a dirt nap pass these on to them.   
*Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe highlights the terrorist's horrific accomplishments.
*The Zev Chafets in the New York Daily News has this glowing tribute of the murderous bastard's organizational skills which were allowed validation by the enablers of the West's lefties and the bankrupt U.N.
*Tom Gross , Aaron Mannes , and Jed Babbin all give the celebrity terrorist a proper send-off at NRO.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Somebody's Missing

Has anyone out there seen or heard from Terry Mc Awful? The last I heard of him was an interview or press conference in which he said the Democratic party is now stronger than ever.
Just wondering. -Wb


I Can Smell Him From Here

Arafat, the left's celebrity murderous bastard terrorist, has got be worm food by now. I can smell him from here!

He's probably been dead for a week. By now the damn flies are on their 3rd generation. Yet we're still fed several different versions of his demise. From death to conversations with Chirac to a brain hemorrhage to AIDS. (AIDS? So it'll be 72 virgin boys?) The one thing everyone knows he couldn't be dying from is the number one killer of French seniors, heat stroke, as it's always pretty chilly in Paris in November.

John Kerry is blown away at the masterful way Yasser's boys have been able to flip-flop between life and death. ("If only I'd thought of that I'd be President on the wings of the sympathy constituency! It beat Ashcroft once.") Another point for John to admire... Yasser's wife, Suha, is evidently prone to bursts of Tourette's syndrome just like Tereaza Kerry-Hienz. Man, she's tough when the account numbers are under assault. She's no wall flower, for sure, and would never qualify as a martyr's reward in heaven, but an estimated $3 B B B Billion net worth makes her a hot prospect for the Jr. Senator from Mass. And a bonus!, she lives in France! "Au revoir, mon cheri, Tereaza! I'm movin' on up."

I'm still holding the champagne until I see mourning in the the streets of Ramallah, a distraught Jacques Chirac, and the bottom lip of Slick Willy gettin' a good bite as he feels Palestine's pain. -Wb

Monday, November 08, 2004


Now Here's Some High Rank Gloating

Back on Nov. 3rd I posted a piece titled "This Time I'm Gloating". Well, the text that follows is some real hard gloating and it's right on the money. It's by retired US Navy Admiral Dick Van Orden and from start to finish it's a real fist pounder. Pass it on. Wb

From a retired US Navy Admiral PARDON ME WHILE I GLOAT by Dick Van Orden

I am not normally a cheerful loser or a gracious winner. Whether its tiddly-winks or war at sea, I want to win, win, win! In fact, I hate to lose and when I win I sometimes want to rub the loser's nose in his defeat. After a sleepless night I feel just rotten enough that the past six months of lies and innuendos from the Kerry camp have it all come home to make me more vindictive than usual. As a result, I want to gloat. Here's why:
I am happy that the sound common sense of a majority of America's voters resulted in a solid victory for a true patriot-and in the humiliating defeat of a lying traitor. There was no doubt in my mind that Bush's truthfulness and forthrightness would prevail against the lies and half-truths of Kerry and his supporters, and I am pleased that a majority of good folks saw the light and pushed the Bush/ Cheney button for justice and for increasing support for the nation's bright future.
I am pleased that the left-leaning media-newspapers, radio, TV and newsmagazines-got their bell rung, but good. Now we are assured that these self-appointed "opinion makers" cannot pull the wool over the eyes of most of us, no matter how hard they twist the facts. Their early reporting of the "leaked" fraudulent exit polls, and their sponsorship of other badly skewed voter polls were designed to mislead voters, in which they failed-miserably. And Dan Rather deserves a special place in hell.
I am delighted that the fat, disgusting a-hole, Michael Moore did not achieve the success that he wished for and that he was repulsed by so many intelligent Americans. May his soul burn in hell. I hope the Hollywood friends of Michael Moore-especially Barbara Streisand, Whopi Goldberg, P-Diddler, and their friends-are roasting in the hell of their own making. It seems to me that they all offered to depart the U.S. if Bush won the first time, which they did not do. The time is now doubly ripe for their exit.
I am blissful that all the treasure and invective of George Soros devoted to defeating George Bush went for naught. I only wish for a financial future of similar poor decisions by Soros; I want to see him as bankrupt in bank account as he is in patriotism.
I find it particularly satisfying that the high ranking military suck-ups whose lack of integrity led them to desert their commander-in-chief and follow a lying cheat, even though they knew, or should have known, that his dismissal from the Navy was "less than honorable," as detailed in the military record that he refused to release. It is sad that such Navy types as Bill Crowe, Stan Turner, and even Jimmy Carter would be in that group. It is obvious that their motivation was the hope of a cushy job when their new-found knight in shining armor moved into the White House. Even their strategy was flawed, for Kerry is, and always has been, anti-military; he only used his military service-and those military "advisors"-for personal political gain. He would never have offered that cushy job, once he had used them, just as he never voted for the needed armament that they and their shipmates and their Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force brothers-in-arms needed so badly.
I am thrilled that the whiners who have complained bitterly about the "stolen" 2000 Presidential election must leave that fallacy in the past and now try to find something else to whine about-maybe they can even develop a fantasy that the four million vote plurality was a miscount, and continue their whining as they slink away into their caves.
It pleases me that Kofi Annan and the other United Nations sycophants failed miserably when they tried so hard to influence this election to ensure that a more pliable President Kerry would be elected. I hope they will now realize that either they clean up the bureaucratic, corrupt, do-nothing UN, or they will be short of funds when the Bush-led US decreases-or ends-its support.
I am overjoyed at the failure of Osama bin Laden's carefully timed video of invective against the US and its President in hopes of using Islamic scare tactics on the American people. Bin Laden's aim was to entice our voters to elect a new President who will not be as robust in his pursuit of terrorists and more willing to "negotiate" with Islamic Fundamentalists. He did not understand that Americans are not so panicky as the French, fearful as the Spanish, or unthinking as the English. (As for the Germans, they should know better; we have defeated them in battle often enough to convince them of the rightness of our ways.) I hope Osama dies in a blast from a bunker-buster before he gets a chance to make another video or another attack on our nation. The blatant attempts of European nations and the EU to cause our President discomfort in his efforts to bring peace to the world make me glad that they are so disappointed with the election results.
My joy is unbounded at the chagrin of the French and German and other anti-Bush, anti-American nations (including the people of the UK-but not their loyal and faithful government led by Prime Minister, Tony Blair). Now let those U.S.-sheltered Europeans worry about the end of American financial and military assistance when they have problems. Let them beg for American military aid and other handouts that have helped to sustain their economies. And let them perish in their own sweat when we remove out troops from Germany, the Balkans, and other trouble spots where we have pulled their chestnuts out of the fire.
I relish the hope that Islamic fundamentalists will now understand the election result as a blow from which they cannot recover. It fills me with joy that their dreams of world domination will be shattered by Bush's and the American nation's resolve to see them defeated and sent to join their Allah-without the 72 virgins waiting for them.
It pleases me more than I can say that the Senate Minority Leader, Thomas Daschle lost his seat. As the leading obstructionist for the Democrat party, he was primarily responsible for withholding approval of many Bush appointments to Federal judgeships, high-level positions, and other necessary personnel. Good riddance.
The demise of the junk-yard dog, loudmouth James Carville, also brings me great happiness. That happiness is further enhanced by the victory of the first Republican to win a Senate seat in Louisiana, Carville's home state.
I am delighted with the success of John O'Neil and his Swift Boat Vets-and with those thousands of non-Swifties who joined with them-on their forthright revelation of the truth of Kerry's service in Vietnam. They took a truthful but difficult position and made an impact-good and honorable Navy men all. Bush gets gentlemanly credit for not using them and their data in his campaign to demean Kerry, but the word was out that they spoke the truth. I maintain that they were the MVPs of this election; their testimony turned the tide against Kerry, and he never recovered.
And, finally, I must express my unbounded gratification at the defeat of Senator Kerry, a worthless Senator, anti-military extremist, lying self-promoter, and former Naval officer who disgraced us all. His traitorous collusion with the enemy is second only to that of Jane Fonda. He should have been court-martialed for giving aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war. His dishonorable quest for medals and a quick return to the US, where he turned against his shipmates and lied about their actions resulted in a less than honorable separation from the Navy. Jimmy Carter's amnesty allowed him to file for, and get, an honorable discharge 18 years after he left the service. He should have received a court martial.
While my thoughts may seem to be mean-spirited, do not be confused-they really are mean-spirited, as I mean them to be. I have suffered the tortures of the damned over the past year as I heard and read the lies and nasty remarks from politicians, citizens, and media "experts" about our President. I have barely tolerated the feeble but divisive attempts of foreign and domestic peaceniks to build a case against our war on the Islamic fundamentalists, who use terrorism as a weapon against us in order to intimidate out citizens and drive some of our gutless politicians to seek "negotiations" to avoid "confrontations" with those who seek to kill our citizens.
Most of all, I have seethed with anger at those who shamefully derided our military, blissfully reporting on their failures and neglecting their successes. They triumphantly celebrated our difficulties by running daily body counts of our own heroic men killed in battle with the enemy, even publishing their pictures in papers and on TV as if to mock the President who sent them to defend our nation. I have only disgust for such tactics. And those are the very same people who now plead for "united actions" in the House and Senate, now that they are in a steadily declining minority. I would advise our President to "watch your six" because these are really enemies and they are not to be trusted.
Four more years! How sweet it is!


Yasser, C'mon, You're Killing Me

Is the murderous celebrity terrorist dead yet?

Good champagne shouldn't stay chilled for this long. -Wb

Sunday, November 07, 2004


Encourage Their Cluelessness

Now the fun starts! Reading and watching lefty after lefty explaining the election results, interpreting what went wrong, prescribing the necessary course of action for the future, and completely melting down over the simplistic idiocy of middle America and conservatives is great sport.

The outpouring of opinion and analysis from the left is flowing like a swollen river. In a nut shell, the anointed elite of the mainstream media, out-to-pasture liberal politicos, Ivy League tweed jackets, and Hollywood jackasses believe we're all a bunch of gullible bible thumping, gun loving, bigoted, flag waving lemmings who don't appreciate or understand the utopian benevolence of leftist politics.

These reflective and nuanced chin-rubbers of the left are completely clueless. And I'm glad about that. They can and will contort themselves into all kinds of post-election-analysis pretzels only to remain befuddled about the heart and soul of this country. The Pied Pipers of the Democratic party won't get it until they've fallen off the pier themselves behind all the rats who've blindly given them an impression of relevance. They'll continue to miss-diagnose their drubbing and that's a good thing.

So, whenever the opportunity presents itself, a good conservative should allow the flummoxed lefty plenty of time and space to air out his thoughtless diagnosis and, in fact, add credence and affirmation to his bent political compass. Pat them on the back and politely show them the way into the wilderness. "You're on the right track now, buddy. Bye-bye." -Wb

Thursday, November 04, 2004


My November 3, 2004

A wonderful night's sleep, great election results, a personal chat with Senator elect John Thune, and more good news of Arafat's eminent demise. I had a wonderful day off.

As I did four years ago, I took the day after the election off. I couldn't stay up late on election night, in fact, I was in bed at 8:11 PM after listening to Hugh Hewitt call the returns. I was so tired of the whole process by then. I'd already done my small part by making too many contributions to my selected band of conservative brothers across the country, I've improved the appearance of my truck with Bush/Cheney and W stickers, I've convinced a few Democrats to vote for W and I've cast my ballot at my local polling place. I've known my pick since I was ten years old and I've heard every side of every argument and issue. I had little energy and even less desire to stay up late to see the final sausage made out of this election. I wasn't going to miss much by getting 9 hours of much needed sleep.

Four years ago I took the day after the election off because I was confident that W would beat Al Gore like a bongo drum and I planned on driving up to San Francisco to surprise my father and celebrate the glorious victory. Dad's one of perhaps two castor oil Republicans living atop Russian Hill in the city known as Baghdad By the Bay so I felt he needed a partner to quaff a healthy number of adult beverages while reading the election entrails on TV. I worked out the surprise details with his wife to ensure they'd be home. I left Northridge after voting at 4 PM on election day and was somewhere near the Bakersfield turn-off when the Florida fiasco began to bubble. I contemplated calling Dad from the road to spill the beans on my intended surprise and then turn around to head back home. The news was horrible yet at the same time uncertain with hints of hopefulness so I pressed on. By the time I reached S.F. around 9:30 PM nothing had changed in the news reports. Dad was blown away by my surprise appearance, (well, actually he thought I was f-ing stupid), and the would be celebration turned into a late night vigil with a pop of the champagne cork for the GOP victories that did happen. I sulked out of town the next day around noon. The whole trip, with the exception of the face that said, "What the hell are you doing here?" was a bust. The whole next month remained a bust until a certain 5-4 decision, and even that was a hollow victory.

This year there would be no surprise trips to San Francisco regardless of the outcome. My day after goals were to wake up early, take in the election results through the narrowly cracked fingers over my eyes on TV and the web, do some last minute spelling quizzes with the little lad and get him to school by 8:05 AM. I met my goals and then some!

At 5:00 AM I was out of bed and in front of the TV with a big mug of coffee. I hadn't slept for nine good hours in years. By the time the lad and I walked to school at 7:45 AM the news was good enough to call it a win for W. The clip of Andy Card claiming victory sounded convincing to me so I got on the phone to call Dad, the brother and the sister. Throughout the day the results and exit polling data just kept getting better and better. The red / blue map now shows the dems inhabiting thin strips of turf on the coasts and up in the northeast corner.... We've almost pushed them into the ocean entirely. My new goal is to keep pushing. The marriage-is-for-boys-and-girls won in 11 out of 11 states where they felt the need to affirm this age old arrangement in order to stave of the marriage-is-ok-too-for-boys-and-boys-or-sheep-and-boys-if-we-want delivered by unelected judges.

My favorite win of the day, however, behind W of course, was John Thune in South Dakota showing Tom "I'm concerned" Daschle the door. AND!, I had the great honor of personally congratulating John Thune on Hugh Hewitt's radio show. Hugh announced that Thune would be on after a commercial break so I raced to the phone and was able to get through on the first shot. Hugh introduced Thune and congratulated him, Thune then thanked Hugh for all his support. Hugh then said that he had received tons of e-mail and calls about Thune's win and that he had someone on the phone who really deserved a personal chat with the senator-elect... "We call him Wagonboy! Michael in Northridge go ahead." I told Thune I was honored to personally congratulate him for beating Daschle and I looked forward to him popping the cork on all the legislation that's been bottled up in the Senate under Daschle's watch. (Or something to that effect!) It truly was an honor.

Aside from the gains in the House and Senate and the various GOP majorities and governorships across the country, the other good news of the day was the further decline of Arafat's health. I've had a bottle of champagne waiting in the fridge since the final game of the World Series when I first heard of his eminent demise. (See my earlier blog from that night.) Day by day that champagne is getting closer to my lips as Arafat gets closer to room temperature. As of this writing at 5:00 PM on 11/04 the price of oil is dropping because he's about to croak. Another major scab is about to fall off the Middle East and some long overdue healing will hopefully begin. The scar will always be there, however. -Wb

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


This Time I'm Gloating

After the nasty, drawn out 2000 squeaker that had to pass through a 5-4 Supreme Court the general tone of Bush supporters was one of quiet reflection and reserved satisfaction. He didn't win the popular vote, the Senate was a tie, for a while, then a one seat Dem majority until 2002.

Not this time. To hell with quiet reflection and reserved satisfaction, I'm pounding my chest and I'll be thumping my finger on the chests of those who said Bush lied, he stole the 2000 election, he's an idiot, he's ripping up the constitution, and, Michael Moore has some good points. President Bush's overwhelming numbers and the house and senate gains provide ample ground for conservatives to stand on to blow their horns loud and proudly.

What were we up against? Let's start with the media... ABC, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, PBS, Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, BBC, Boston Globe, International Herald Tribune, New Yorker, Time Newsweek, Vanity Fair, Village Voice. These are just off the top of my head, there's more, lots more.

What and who else did conservatism conquer yesterday? Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Madeline Albright, Kofi Annan, Michael Moore, George Soros, Bruce Springsteen, Ivy League Universities and liberal academia, MTV Rock the Vote, P. Diddy's Vote or Die, Barbara Striesand, Hollywood in general, nafarious and biased polling throughout the campaign and right on through to the exit polls, campaign finance reform, liberal 527's, Democratic election fraud, and

But most importantly the United Nations, France, Germany, Russia, bin Laden and John Kerry were not given any semblance of victory or validation.

And for this resounding defeat of so many enemies it's time for, (as my brother, Dennis, said this morning), a wild- ass dance in the end zone. We've done the Emmett Smith thing in the end zone for too long. He would reach the end zone and calmly drop the ball then jog back to the huddle or sideline as if scoring touchdowns was what his job was. Well, in my opinion it's time to forcefully tell our opponents they're wrong. It's time to turn up the heat on partisan media, Hollywood, and anyone else who sees this country as a negative force in the world. It's time to forcefully marginalize any efforts that erode family values, public education and our legal system. We've got ground to stand on, we've got healthy numbers to back us up and we've got alternative avenues through the internet and talk radio to get our message out.

I'll be polite and considerate. I'll be happy. I'll be proud. And I'll be doing a wild-ass dance in the end zone 'cause we just blew them out in the Superbowl! -WB

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