Friday, November 12, 2004


The Autoautopsy of Kerry/Edwards

The multiple scenes of the crime are being cataloged, the many suspects have been fingered for interrogation and the blood is being mopped up from the buses, planes, offices, windsurfers and even a boat in Boston harbor. Some suspects have vanished, others are singing like canaries. The autopsy of the Kerry campaign is well under way and some of us watching from the gallery have our noses pressed to the glass relishing every cut.

From my seat in the gallery, the best forensics are being performed by the very people who are accessories to the death (suicide?) of the Kerry Edwards campaign. Kerry's people. Clinton's people. Kennedy's people. Jeeze! It's all elbows and assholes in there! It's actually turned into a zombie corpse that is now in the process of disemboweling itself. A self, or "auto" autopsy. It's not pretty or graceful to the observers, but self inflicted lacerations never are. Let's watch! - WB

From the New Republic, a center-left weekly, comes this brutally honest account.

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