Sunday, November 07, 2004


Encourage Their Cluelessness

Now the fun starts! Reading and watching lefty after lefty explaining the election results, interpreting what went wrong, prescribing the necessary course of action for the future, and completely melting down over the simplistic idiocy of middle America and conservatives is great sport.

The outpouring of opinion and analysis from the left is flowing like a swollen river. In a nut shell, the anointed elite of the mainstream media, out-to-pasture liberal politicos, Ivy League tweed jackets, and Hollywood jackasses believe we're all a bunch of gullible bible thumping, gun loving, bigoted, flag waving lemmings who don't appreciate or understand the utopian benevolence of leftist politics.

These reflective and nuanced chin-rubbers of the left are completely clueless. And I'm glad about that. They can and will contort themselves into all kinds of post-election-analysis pretzels only to remain befuddled about the heart and soul of this country. The Pied Pipers of the Democratic party won't get it until they've fallen off the pier themselves behind all the rats who've blindly given them an impression of relevance. They'll continue to miss-diagnose their drubbing and that's a good thing.

So, whenever the opportunity presents itself, a good conservative should allow the flummoxed lefty plenty of time and space to air out his thoughtless diagnosis and, in fact, add credence and affirmation to his bent political compass. Pat them on the back and politely show them the way into the wilderness. "You're on the right track now, buddy. Bye-bye." -Wb


I like your take on things. Let's hope the Democrat lefties keep it up. They'll be as relevant as the Libertarians or the American Independent Party or the Greens in a generation at this rate.

Imagine how much more successful Ronald Wilson Reagan would have been if he had called traditional conservative Democrat voters "bigots", "trailer trash", "religious nuts", or the big "S" word when he was ran for President in 1980 and 1984.
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