Thursday, November 25, 2004


Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge hosted by Spirit of America

Support freedom, democracy and peace in Iraq

Please leave this page only after you've made a contribution to the Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge. The links are below. Wagonboy's Garage has joined a team of bloggers for this challenge and I don't want to be the punk-new-kid-on-the-block pulling up the rear. Make me proud! Grab the Amex/Visa/Mastercard and make a soldiers day a little easier and your own day a lot more purposeful.

Leading bloggers, (not me.. yet) are competing to raise funds to benefit the people of Iraq. 100% of all donations go to needs selected by these bloggers. Many of their projects support requests made by Americans serving in Iraq (Marines, Army, SeaBees) for goods that help the Iraqi people. Other projects directly support Iraqis who are on the front lines of building a better future for Iraq.

Make a donation from Wagonboy's Garage through;

If you're another blogger and want to join the Spirit of America challenge do so through;

It takes only minutes and lasts well into the future. -Wb

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