Thursday, November 11, 2004



Champagne for all in my bed!
Last night around 9:30 I regained consciousness on the couch in the den for the fifth time and ceded defeat to the 9 year old lad by handing him the remote. He was allowed to stay up with Sponge Bob because there's no school today in honor of Veteran's Day. Up in the bedroom, I found the fetching Mrs. Wagonboy who had the TV on and was engrossed in some smarmy pretty-boy deciding on which fake blonde bimbo with activated airbags to take as his bride. Mansions, tuxedos, jewels, limousines, Barbies and Kents... it's uncanny how my life resembles this reality show, The Bachelor. She looked at me, then back at the smarmy-pretty boy and held her gaze there. I crawled into bed with her anyway just as the show was ending. One Barbie was sent packing from the show in a 56 foot long limo in which she was asked to share her feelings with the whole entire world. She seemed utterly lost and defeated and will likely commit suicide.
Mrs. Wagonboy began surfing through the channels at the top of the hour and zipped through Fox News for a nano second. "GO BACK! GO BACK!" I screamed. And there it was, affixed to the bottom of the screen, "Yasser Arafat dead at 75". It had been announced by a member of the benevolent PLO. I immediately bolted out of bed and hurried downstairs to get the champagne and glasses. All my commotion caught the attention of the lad so he turned off his cartoons and joined us upstairs for the little celebration. He's been taught about good guys and bad guys and Yasser Arafat was an appropriate individual for the lad to view as a bad guy.
"Why was he a bad guy?"  He killed thousands innocent people and made his own followers suffer needlessly. He stole money, he lied and tried to claim land and territory that didn't belong to him by blowing up and terrorizing the people who live there.
"And he's gone now? Forever?" Yep, he died.  "Good", said the lad. I gave him a sip of champagne. -Wb
The following are recent links about the murderous celebrity terrorist. Should anyone wonder why it's a good thing that he's taking a dirt nap pass these on to them.   
*Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe highlights the terrorist's horrific accomplishments.
*The Zev Chafets in the New York Daily News has this glowing tribute of the murderous bastard's organizational skills which were allowed validation by the enablers of the West's lefties and the bankrupt U.N.
*Tom Gross , Aaron Mannes , and Jed Babbin all give the celebrity terrorist a proper send-off at NRO.

Old parrot beak did one honorable thing in his sick life: he left our world to burn in hell on the birthday of the USMC.
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