Tuesday, November 16, 2004


James Lileks.com

Over at James Lileks' place, http://www.lileks.com/bleats/index.html, he's made two wonderful points. The first deals with our fourth estate and the need to turn the soil in that compost heap.
"The Administration is clearing the decks for the second term. Out with the old & tired,, in with new ideas, etc. How's about the mainstream media does the same? Burn up half the deadwood, ease the ossified elements off the stage, bring in new writers and editors and announcers and producers. If they can do it at State, they could do it at CBS.Yes, yes, I know. The State Department is just that. But CBS is the news."

Lileks nails it. If ever ever an industry needed a top to bottom shake-up, big media is ripe. The U.S. auto industry got rolled in the 70's, air traffic controllers took it in the shorts in the 80's, high tech got the slap down in the late 90's and took big accounting with it, so it's high time we tee up the media biggies. We'll start with Chris Mathews for this unbelievable comment/question on Monday night's Hardball show:

"Well, let me ask you about this. If this were the other side, and we were watching an enemy soldier --a rival, I mean they're not bad guys especially, just people who just disagree with us, they are in fact the insurgents, fighting us in their country-- if we saw one of them do what we saw our guy do to that guy, would we consider that worthy of a war crimes charge?" Chris Mathews, Hardball, 11/16/04

Read that again. I've highlighted the shocking stuff. You know, all this time I thought the terrorists we were fighting were immoral Islamofascist animals who behead innocent civilians on video for world wide distribution, strap C-4 belts to young kids for the purpose of blowing up packed public buses, high-jack and fly jets into buildings, murder children by the hundreds at school, torture and mutilate civilian aid workers, attack and execute Iraqi police recruits and wreak unspeakable acts of barbaric violence around the globe all in the name Allah. I was completely unaware that they're only mere "rivals", who "just disagree with us" and who are "not bad guys especially", they're just "insurgents fighting us in their own country". Wow. This whole Iraq mess really could have been avoided had we all possessed the elitist logic of moral equivalence that Chris Mathews has been anointed with.
Can his ass. He clearly wouldn't be disappointed were we to lose this war and live the life Israel has for the next 40 years.

And then there's the number two quote of the day from James Lileks:
"Oh, there's news; the cabinet shakeup is interesting. Yay Condi Rice. I want her to go to Saudi Arabia, and I want her first words upon getting off the plane to be "I'll drive." As for the Department of Education, I'd like to see an experiment: let the position go unfilled for four years and see if it has any impact on the educational abilities of the nation's youth. I'm guessing no one would notice if we didn't have a Secretary of Education. Everyone just keep on doing what you're doing, and get back to us." James Lileks, Lileks.com, 11/16/04

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