Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Some Things to be Thankful For

For conservatives this year the Thanksgiving grace could go on 'til the turkey starts to decompose. Aside from the usual, and most important, blessings in our lives; our family, friends, health, home, and employment, the side dishes of our lives are as beautiful as they are bountiful. Here's a handful to get started:

The number one thank you on my list goes to the brave and noble men and women of our armed services spread around the globe keeping us safe here at home. Far from home and loved ones performing daunting tasks and selfless heroic actions because something inside them says they have to, and, they posses the heart and courage to follow this calling on their nation's behalf. Especially the Pat Tillman's of our great nation who've sacrificed comfortable lives so ours can go on in peace.

The American voter. A majority of whom weren't snowed by the spin and smoke of a wildly overwhelming onslaught from all corners of our culture and from around the globe. Freedom, security, faith and common sense still show up at the ballot box.

George W. Bush. A righteous president in a beautiful, solid and grounded coat-of-armor constructed of faith in God and in his fellow man who possesses a clearer picture than most leaders of right and wrong, good and evil.

John Ashcroft. Thank you Mr. Attorney General. We're all still here and accounted for. Enjoy your retirement.

Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. They know what to do with evil and don't pay much attention to the P.C. winds in their face.

Senator-elect John Thune. He took on the senate minority leader and chief obstructionist and beat him.

The Red Sox. They made baseball fun to watch again and put to bed an unworthy curse. (And embarrassed the New York Yankees!)

Arnold Schwarzenegger. A year later and the battered leviathan of California is showing signs of a healthy turn around.

Swift Boat Veterans. Held their ground and restored the honor and valor of thousands of their fellow veterans living with heavy and quiet hearts.

Zel Miller. Clear eyed. Clear conscience.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board, Real Clear Politics, Hugh Hewitt, Victor Davis Hanson, and the 20 plus other places I go for news and information on the internet.

Michael Moore. His ability to drive voter turnout for conservatives is surpassed only by his ability to eat.

Saddam's capture and the elimination of his rabid sons Uday and Kusay.

Yasser Arafat. I'm Thankful for his current medical condition and that he's stabilized.

Osama's inability to function. I still think he's dead.

Afghanistan's freshman voting class. Freedom is for everybody not some of us.

The new congressmen and senators who gave us larger majorities in both houses of congress.

I'll thank in advance the two or three Supreme Court Justices who exit stage right and left during W's second term.

Halliburton. Thank you for providing life saving services and support to our troops and the brave men and women working within the coalition to bring peace and stability to one of the worlds hell holes.

Kofi Annan. For bungling so much in the U.N. that it's become impossible, for all but the most blindfolded, to view the organization as anything but a corrupt worthless body of blowhards, freeriders and grifters.

Kurt Busch. The only sports figure I've ever sought out an autograph from, (four years ago). At 26, he just won the NASCAR Nextel Cup championship last Sunday by 8 points. He and his team are a testament to staying cool under devastating mishaps and performing at 110% for 36 races. He made me right four years ago when I told my wife that, "He'll be the Cup champion soon." She doesn't care. She's still unimpressed

My boss, Michael H. He allowed me to have the day before Thanksgiving off so I can drive the fetching Mrs. Wagonboy and the Lad from So. Cal. to San Francisco and spend Thanksgiving with my side of the family for the first time in 22 years. In retail this weekend is the super bowl and I've never missed a play or pre-game preparation... I'm back in the game by noon on Friday, though.

And finally, I'm thankful for the six or seven people reading this blog so it's not a total waste of my time. Have a safe and restful Thanksgiving. God bless you. -WB

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