Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Target To Salvation Army, "Bah Humbug!"

Target Stores announced that they will not let the Salvation Army man it's famous red kettles at any of it's locations this Christmas season. The Salvation Army is one of, if not the most, efficient and effective charitable organizations in the world. They focus on the lowest of the low, the hardest of the hard and worst of the worst through a remarkable volunteer and clientele organization.
I like Target. We've got a housefull of Target things. I'm not setting foot in Target this Christmas season.
I've added The Salvation Army to my links on the left margin. Please send them a little gift this season.-Wb

Go here and send a letter : Target
Go here and send a donation:

Thanks Mike. It really felt very good giving the army fifty bucks online. Usually, its all the change in my pocket at the time I pass the bell-ringer. And I'm not shoppoing at Target anymore.
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