Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Why Do I Give?

Last night on the Hugh Hewitt Show Hugh ask his audience to answer the question, "Why do you give to relief efforts?" The subject, of course, was the devastating tidal waves and the relief efforts under way coming from around the globe. He read my response over the air, thus deeming it worthy of republication here.

(World Vision's web is impossible to utilize right now due to heavy traffic. Use 1 800 777 5777.)

Why do I give? I don't really know.
Why do I vote?
Why do I voice an opinion on a talk show?
Why do I write a letter to the editor?
Why do I give up my seat to an elder or a lady?
Why do I pick up a piece of trash in the parking lot?
Why do I coach a little league team?
Why do I send money to a congressional seat in another state?
Why do I string my in-law's Christmas tree every year?

I'm an American and I feel lucky and blessed to hold that title. Giving is what most Americans do as a way of life as they do breath, eat and sleep. My little $50 donation will do little up against a death toll number that will likely reach into the hundreds of thousands. But the hundreds of thousands of Americans like me will make a big difference. And we'll all go about our days tomorrow and next month, picking up litter, giving up a seat for an old man and voting for somebody we trust.

That's why. -Wb

Later in the evening while watching the news I heard of the comment from the smarmy U.N. official who deemed the U.S. aid effort "stingy". Stingy? He's got nerve, not to mention a complete and total ignorance of the centuries old benevolence of the American people and their government. He belongs in the U.N.
More and more I'm thankful that that organization exists to give him and people like him a place to showcase their inaptitude and failed policies. This day and age of high speed and widespread information distribution exposes the U.N. and other destructive forces in this world for what they are... part of the problem.

And here's Jonah Goldberg's take about the U.N. and the U.S. stinginess at Townhall;

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