Thursday, January 20, 2005


An Address For Future Generations

I missed the inaugural address by the President today, but I made a prediction to myself about it's tone and content. I also imagined what John Kerry would be telling the world today had the nefarious underlings of the DNC been more successful in their now exposed cheating. Thankfully, he's not reporting for duty.

First, Kerry's inaugural address would have been derived from whatever doom and gloom headlines graced the top of the fold of the New York Times in the past three days. It would be an extensive laundry list of we- musts. We must work together, feed the poor, give everyone healthcare, preserve Social Security as it is, listen to our allies, give everyone a job, clean our water, contribute more to the federal coffers, stop outsourcing, reign in big business, wear our shoes on the right feet, go to sleep at night, breath, eat and be nice. Hollow, predictable liberal blather du'jour.

My prediction as to what President Bush's address would be was one unconstrained of today's ongoing scrimmages and political battles. It would be an address that any President, with the proper perspective of God, Country, Family, could give at any time in our country's history or future. The 2002 State of The Union speech was of this caliber. Timeless, yet perfect for the moment.

So, I read the speech today when I got home. Having heard many of the medias "highlights" of the speech on the way home I was somewhat prepared to absorb the written dialog with the President's tone in mind. To read it, though, is to really understand why it is a great address not just from George W. Bush, but it's an American address to the world and to to future generations. -Wb

Enough of my blather.... take ten or so minutes to read it. And pass it on to your e-mail buddies.
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Excellent, the only post I've seen by anyone who wondered what a John Kerry inaugural address would have been like. What a dark day that would have been . . . .
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