Monday, January 03, 2005


Fashion Cents

This evening on the Hugh Hewitt Show an ongoing discussion is under way regarding Hughes producer Generalissimo Duane's choice of neck wear. There's a picture of Duane in the dime-store tie and Hugh at In Duane's defense this is probably the second time in a year that he's donned such finery so we can forgive his lack of fashion sense. On the other hand nobody but a NASCAR mechanic, (who's only tie is taken out of the car trunk for weddings and funerals) would wear such a tie.

Something else caught my eye in the picture. Hugh's dress shirt was without wrinkles around the waistline. How he's going to haul that baggage through a half-marathon in Irvine, ( and keep the ice in his highball glass is beyond me. Good luck, buddy. -Wb

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