Sunday, January 30, 2005


The Finger

First estimates of voter participation in Iraq's election is over 70%. The highest turnout in modern American history, within the last 200 years!, never reached 65%. That means more than 10,000,000 iraqis thought it worth while to secure their own destiny despite the endless threats and real attacks against them.

News footage of joyous and proud Iraqis in their own country and from around the globe emerged from the polling places holding their ink-stained fingers high was a beautiful sight.

Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Howard Dean and the rest of the can't-do / hypocrites of the Democratic party, take these millions of fingers high in the air as a direct insult to you for your obstructionism, pacifism, ankle-biting and near treasonous behavior during these past four years. Despite your worst intentions, the world is rapidly and confidently moving forward. You've been flipped off by millions of people of whom you've had no confidence or sympathy.

Good work Iraq! Good work U.S. Armed Forces and the coalition! Good work George W. Bush! God bless you all!

Now get back to work. And keep those fingers high!

Go here for a first hand account from the guys at Iraq The Model:

Beautiful. Duly linked on my blog as the only summary of today's events that anyone really needs to read.
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