Monday, January 24, 2005


Maintaining Momentum

Two excellent articles came my way today. One via Rich Galen at, the other from Rod D. Martin of the Vanguard PAC. One deals with an expanding party moving forward, the other deals with the party rolling over the spineless hand-wringers who stand in it's way.

Mr. Martin takes on Christy Todd Whitman and her pouty little screed, "It's My Party, Too". As has become fun sport for any conservative with a key board under his fingers, plucking feathers off Ms. Whitman's back side, Mr. Martin does a fine job. I also enjoyed poking around the Vanguard PAC web site.... Hey!, another place to send funds (ammo) to combat the mental disorder known commonly as liberalism. Go here,, and scroll down to the Whitman stuff. And then wander around the Vanguard site. Great stuff.

And Rich Galen, link to your left at, as a thoughtful and informative entry today about controlling, managing and keeping the ever expanding heard of cats that constitute the Republican party. The Democrats would lie , cheat and steal to have the problems facing the GOP as GWB begins his second term. They did, in fact, lie, cheat and steal....again to no avail, thankfully! -Wb

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