Thursday, January 27, 2005


A Stark Contrast: Condi and Bill

This morning at 5:15 AM, as I was readying my coffee, car keys, wallet, cell phone and zipper, I caught the live Fox News feed of our new Sec. State Dr. Rice and her introductory comments from the steps of the State Dept. She spoke off the cuff, no notes. It was upbeat, humble, foreword thinking, ambitious, gracious, challenging and all things optimistic without ignoring reality. It was a great way to start the day. My drive into West L.A. seemed quite short.

On the ride home Hugh Hewitt subjected his audience to an endless and painful list of clips of Bill Clinton answering questions tee'd up by Charlie Rose at Davos , Switzerland. As Der Schlickmeister talked on and on I could imagine Charlie sitting across from him in a dazed rapture, face cradled in both his hands, eyes wide open and an ear to ear mouth open grin. As if Grampa was telling the adventurous story again about the time he caught a big whale with his bare hands and dragged it up the mountain saving all the women and children from a fiery death. None of it made any sense, but Charlie and the Swells in the Davos audience didn't care. Grampa's a great story teller! "Tell us again, Grampa! Tell us again!"

I'm looking for the transcripts of Slick's Davos schtick. Hewitt's producer, Generallisimo, pulled it off the C-SPAN broadcast. I look forward to the powerhouse blogs, talk radio and center right op/ed scribes getting their teeth into it. Once again Slick's comments will get sliced, diced, chopped and pureed into a pile of poop. It won't much matter to the hard left in the old MSM, but it will scoop another handful of the voting population into the GOP's ballot box. Every little bit helps.

So the contrast was stark from my morning commute high with Condi to the long slog home with Bill Clinton. I called in to the Hugh Hewitt Show from the quagmire of the 405 at Sherman Way. (Having been subjected to Clinton for the prior 45 minutes I couldn't remember any of the trip up to that point.... Wilshire, Sunset, Mulholland... none of it.) I told Hugh, "Liberal hollow blather is to talk radio and the web as a fat, stupid cow is to a river full of pirahna".

Enjoy the frenzy as you surf around tonight. And if anyone can send me a link to Slick's Davos schtick I'd appreciate it.-Wb

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