Wednesday, January 19, 2005


To: Senator Boxer

Dearest Sen. Boxer,
Please keep up the good work. You're on the right track and you're taking the right people with you on your journey into the wilderness. Your time in front of the cameras and microphones will be talked about over the airwaves and internet for at least a week among tens of millions of people. The vast majority of whom will find you repugnant, ignorant and embarrassing.

In the past 15 years most Americans have become amazingly savvy and informed about political, world and social issues through cable news, talk radio, and the internet as supplements or replacements to traditional MSM. In 1985 your sophomoric grandstanding would have garnered you favorable coverage from the Main stream media of ABCNBCCBSNYTNEWSWEEKTIME. Not anymore. Americans are now able to see the hard-left skitso dead-enders of the Democratic party, such as yourself, who are now the dominant faces of the party for what you are. Opposing viewpoints are now being heard and those viewpoints are attracting voters as fast as you repel them.

You, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Rangle, Dean, Harkin, Durbin.... all far left repellent characters, have become the fife and drum corps for a motley collection of pacifists, gays, race-baiters, homeless advocates, lawyers, activist judges, anti-capitalists, environmental nuts, atheists, union thugs, socialists, and bureaucratic web-weavers in education, transportation, food & drug, agriculture, commerce and intelligence.

Thankfully, most of voting America has not joined this band of hand-wringing sour pusses crawling behind the Democratic party banner who celebrate Americas wounds and grieve over her successes and seek out doom and gloom from the smallest of discomforts.

Your performance this week during the confirmation hearings of Dr. Rice will satisfy the far left fringe of the American left slithering behind you into the wilderness. Thank you, enjoy the hike, and we'll see you repugnant trolls in about 25 years when the Democratic party begins to drift back in from the deep woods.

Love, Wagonboy

I wrote an email telling her the same thing! I ask her to continue feed the moonbat fever swamp so we can win a super majority.
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Happy new year!
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