Saturday, January 08, 2005


A True American Meets Leftist Academia

In the link below, Ahmad Al-Qloushi, a 17 year old Kuwaiti student at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, Ca describes his deplorable treatment by an angry leftist professor. You need to read it to believe it. It is a very articulate account of what happens to a young patriotic man when he rubs up against leftist academia. Ahmad didn't stand for it.

Here's a note I passed on to Ahmad. You can send him one, too. His address is in the link above. (So, too, is the link to the Foothill College Board of Trustees.) -Wb

Dear Ahmad,
I'm very impressed with you! Thank you for standing up and speaking out. But more importantly, thank you for being a great American.
Angry and small minded men like Prof. Woolcock wouldn't survive in the real world where their views and actions would have to survive the brutal and efficient rules of the market place. Only in leftist academia can a tenured pimple like that be allowed to fester and infect a captive audience of young numbskulls full of mush! Thankfully, most of the young numbskulls get kicked in the ass by the reality of life upon leaving the campus and soon realize the Prof. Woolcocks of the world have had it all so wrong. So very, very wrong.
Fortunately, as you have so eloquently demonstrated, in this country, when somebody gives you a bowl full of dirt you don't have to eat it. You're the kind of man who has made this country great throughout our small 229 year history.
There are hundreds of millions of people here enjoying and practicing Gods gift of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Your life experiences and how you learn and live by them have made you a great American. And a very articulate and persuasive one, too!

-M.K.S. Northridge, Ca

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