Friday, February 04, 2005


A Beautiful Embrace

Over at The Hedgehog, there's the picture of the emotional embrace between Mrs. Bill Norwood, the mother of Marine Corps Sgt. Byron Norwood killed in action in Iraq, and Safia al Suhail, who had just returned from Iraq after voting there. Her father had been executed by Saddam's thugs a decade earlier. The Hedgehog titled his post, "Worth 10,000 Words". He 's spot on. I had to send him a reply:

Lowell, I listened to the SOTU on the radio. That moment is when I lost it! I literally burst into tears. I was in my truck parked outside a Mexican dive on Pico in West LA. I was supposed to be in there at 6:30 to meet some friends, but couldn't pull myself away. I spent another 10 minutes collecting myself! I had know idea that the Norwoods and Mrs. al Suhail had embraced. I saw it on the news at 4:30AM the next morning before work and again burst into tears. What a powerful, powerful moment.
Imagine. Momentous stories converged in Iraq to bring these two families together at a State of the Union speech in Washington D.C., the very throne of Freedom in this world. Only a bitter and cynical political party could rain on such an occasion and misinterpret the forces that made it blossom.
Sounds like a post for Wagonboy's Garage -Wb

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