Monday, February 21, 2005


Fear me!

I'm pretty frightening to some people. Evidently, I can destroy people's lives just by holding traditional American values and appreciating this nations unique place in the world.

Last night the lad and I were left to our own devices for dinner. The Fetching Mrs. Wagonboy had left that morning for Chicago to attend four days of meetings with the parent company. As today is President's Day we didn't have to worry about homework or curfews so we went to Rosie's Barbeque in Northridge for some baby-back ribs and beer. And milk. We were seated next to two young couples who provided me with about 45 minutes of mind numbing idiocy and a sense of comfort that the Democrat's base is still well on it's way into the wilderness. While the lad and I were gnawing on ribs, quaffing a few tall dark beers,(and milk), and mastering the puzzles on his placemat, the four seated next to us moaned and bitched endlessly. The only surprise from the next table was the sight of these unhinged hand-wringing liberals eating a wide variety of animal flesh like a pride of lions. What was unsurprising was the round of beverages on their table, water, and the simplistic anti-Bush-conservative-military-religious cliches dropping like rib bones in the table buckets. They were afraid of everything I am and I was sitting right there next to them. Dangerously close! Had they only known there was a terrible monster only feet way. I wasn't killing them, though. I wasn't even making them pray to God, nor did I stop them from speaking their minds while they verbally bashed their country and the Commander In Chief. So,I wondered what it is I do that they're so afraid of. What is it about me that they fear so much?

Here's some frightening things about me;
* I frequently pray for the health and well being of others, including my family, our soldiers and the poor souls of people around the globe.
* I coach the lad's baseball team and I raise my voice at the little tykes when they make stupid mistakes. They run laps, too, if they miss too may grounders.
* I give generously to various faith-based charities which are very effective.
* I believe life starts at conception and abortion should be a state level issue.
* I think our nation's defense should be the government's number one priority.
* Taxes should be the same rate for all levels of income so as to broaden the tax base and give each person a legitimate place at the tax-debate table.
* Welfare should be for the truly needy. Period.
* Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and their likes are the biggest and most destructive forces in today's black community.
* Judeao Christian values framed our founding documents and built this country and should be honored in the town square and recognized in our school houses.
* Global warming and cooling will occur whether man inhabits the world or not.
* I firmly believe that the U.N. is toothless, corrupt and corrosive at the same time and provides legitimacy to tyrants, dictators, terrorists and failed policies.
* I think parents are responsible for their children's social and sexual education not the school system.
* Most schools do not teach U.S. history accurately, completely or adequately.
* I make the lad do his homework every day before he can play.
* When the lad screws up he gets punished.
* The lad's not allowed to pull off the thug-culture act. He says please and thank you... if he doesn't he feels it.
* I think judicial activism is harmful and undermines the constitutional duty of the legislature to set our legal boundaries.
* I think our legislature is weak and should step up to the plate and take on judicial activism.
* I think the Patriot Act is a good thing and only harms terrorists, criminals and the lefty hand-wringers in acamedia, the NY Times, the ACLU and Hollywood.
* I'm very suspicious of most of main stream media.
* I think our country is the greatest, most benevolent and tolerant state the world has ever experienced.
* I think anyone who trashes this country, is ashamed of our current role and posture in the world and who so eloquently displays such ignorance has every right to do so.
* I believe those same people are thinning in their ranks and marginalizing their cause by holding on to such irrational viewpoints in this modern world of instant information and truth seeking.
* I'm glad irrational kookburgers of the left are getting more irrational and kooky!
* And I think anyone who eats baby-back barbecued ribs without a good beer is downright untrustworthy and ought not be allowed to spout off on anything.

I'm afraid.
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