Friday, February 25, 2005


Go Ahead, Drippy Harry, Make My Day

Harry Reid and his fellow classmates in the Democratic Senate minority sand box are threatening to throw tantrums and take their shovels and pails and go home.

Good. Go Ahead.

If the Republicans can pretend for a moment that they've got the majority in both houses and the presidency, then they should let Drippy Harry and his band of ankle-biters go their way. A senate shut down by the Dems over judicial nominee procedures, while we're conducting a war, will expose them for the children they are.

Reid claims he'll shut down the senate, "go Gingrich", should the GOP leadership establish rules making null and void any filibuster attempts by the Dems to block judicial nominees from receiving full up or down votes in the Senate. The likely outcome of any of Bush's judicial nominations getting through the senate on full up or down votes is very high. The way-left, feverish Democratic leadership knows this. They lose sleep over it. The hyper-ventilating extreme left money arteries of the party, the unions, the NEA, the ABA, Planned Parenthood, ACLU,, PETA, the Seirra Club, and the NAACP, are all worried sick about the prospect of judicial nominees, that adhere to a strict reading and interpretation of the Constitution, getting through congress and onto the benches of court houses near you.

I can hear those arbiters of democracy now, amplified and carried through the DNC pipelines of ABCNBCCBSCNNMSNBCPBSNPR, "How in the hell can we enforce our dictates and validate our extreme lifestyles if The Men In Black require us to pass legislation through the people?" The thought of bringing their cherished causes and grand utopian planning up through the grassroots and into the air and light of open debate and rigorous scrutinization appalls any liberal worth his salt.

So, the major frontier of modern liberalism's existence is under immanent threat and about to be trod upon by the filthy, no-nothing electorate and by nutty judges who find value and guidance in our Constitution rather than twisted logic and woulda-coulda interpretations.

Go ahead, Harry, make my day. Me and the 60+ million other voters who supported President Bush did so for several reasons, non of which included looking back or embracing your ideas of judicial fiat. -Wb
"How in the hell can we enforce our dictates and validate our extreme lifestyles if The Men In Black require us to pass legislation through the people?"
I like that. Haven't these guys heard that laws begin in the legislative branch?

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