Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Greasy Eason Jordan

"The United States military assassinated 12 journalists."

Greasy Eason said it.
Plenty of people heard it.
The Davos swells received it warmly.
Greasy Eason is hiding from any accountability.
CNN is stonewalling the story.
Nothing to see hear, according to the main stream partisan media.

Unleash the blog piranhas!

Is this the same U.S. military that allowed and encouraged unprecedented media access via embedded journalists from news organizations around the world? I guess it was to make assassinating some of them easier. -Wb

As one of the blog piranhas, all I can say is,
"Munch, Munch! MMMM ... Tasty!"

What a P.O.S. this Eason Jordan is. CNN deserves all the ratings drops it has gotten and more!
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