Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Hunter S. Thompson. Gonzo. No More. No Mas!

I've been reading the obits, tributes and old articles of Hunter S. Thompson. What a freak. A typical, creative, celebrity lefty icon from liberalism's long lost and debunked golden age.

Bruised and hurt from the recent re-election of George W. Bush, this tired, old, defeated, drug-addled hippie took the selfish road out of town by killing himself. He was absolutely convinced that "his man", John Kerry had mopped the floor with W during the debates and his time in the White House would be "no more. No Mas!" The last dismal spiral into depression began on Nov. 3rd, 2004, when Mr. Gonzo awoke from his election dreams to find King George still on the thrown.

Most of his fans and generation grew out of the utopian fog and "tune out, turn on" times of the sixties and seventies. Thankfully, most of the peace-niks marching against what ever "the man" was throwing down at them on campuses across the country or who where throwing their fun-bags and hairy armpits around in mudholes at Woodstock grew up and got on with their lives. They got jobs and raised families, bought cars and houses, invested in stocks, traveled abroad, attended church without their parents, moved to a different state, and have realized the American dream. They also realized had they stuck to Mr. Thompson's guidebook they'd be living the American nightmare in a crime infested part of town hoping to score another blast of meth and watching the mailbox for the next measly welfare handout.

Hunter S. Thompson's world never came to fruition, in fact it got worse. Liberalism has been in retreat. Conservatism, also read as traditional American values of faith, family, self responsibility, strong defense and limited government are on the rise. How depressing! Hunter had to tune out. No mas! Gonzo it is, man. -Wb
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