Saturday, February 05, 2005


The Latest Milestone On The Wrong Path

I was wandering through this morning's offerings from Real Clear Politics, at: and I came across Noam Chomsky. Like most people who enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Noam is a nut best left behind for the squirrels of his world-view to fiddle with and appreciate. But, just for grins I decided to see what the tired old windbag had to offer in light of the years momentous first month.
As expected, the nut I picked up contained a rotten, cynical, short-sighted and pessimistic outlook of the Middle East. And, as is the nature of pessimistic lefties, they can't keep their mouths shut until critical events unfold. The following piece spilled out of Noam's Depends incontinence shorts on Jan. 26th, four days before the historic Iraqi elections. He predicts more of the same in the Middle East without accounting for the new and powerful variable of a democratically elected government in Iraq. His assumptions leave out the pesky little fact that no population has ever willingly voted to be tortured, raped, starved or executed by their elected representatives. He also leaves out the coalition's promise and long term commitment to stay and assist until the job is complete. The involuntary reflex to overlay Noam's favorite period of American history, Vietnam, onto the current situation in the Middle East is present, as it is in all his diatribes about American foreign policy. Also present are the tired assumptions of imperialism, oil, Israel, and the disfunctional U.S. Armed Forces.
Read the piece, and enjoy the delusion of Noam Chomsky and his fellow travelers as he digs in and secures another milepost on the wrong path into history. -Wb

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