Monday, February 07, 2005


Paul Volker's Unintended Legacy

Jed Babbin in the American Spectator, , goes after the U.N. oil-for-food-for-bribes-to-bureaucrats scandal, and in particular, he's got his teeth on Paul Volker's pant leg.
As Robert Bork's name will forever live in infamy, as in, "He got borked by the judiciary panel", so to will the name Volker. To quote Mr. Babbin;

Now that the interim report of the U.N.'s so-called "Independent Inquiry Committee" on the Oil for Food program is out, it's quite apparent that all the little volckers of the U.N. are doing their best to divert any serious investigation of the largest rip-off in history.

Seems Mr. Volker has, according to the article, a rather healthy conflict of interest with the U.N. and the O-F-F scandal investigation. It's a pretty tough accounting of the performance of the "Independent Inquiry Committee". -Wb

P.S. Is it just me.....? When and if this investigation does round up a gang of U.N. grifters and international money grubbers how 'bout putting panties on their heads, stripping them to their skivies, and get 'em all in a tangled, hairy-chested dog pile for some pics. Benon Sevan gets the leash.

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