Monday, February 07, 2005


Way to think things through, Dems.

Tom Bevan at Real Clear Politics, , takes Ted 'hic-up' Kennedy to task for his lack of appreciation or support of recent first time democratic elections. In fact, the tired old donkey seems down right hostile to these positive steps toward freedom in some of the worlds most hellish places.

He foreshadowed the election process and results in Afghanistan with doom and gloom. He said nothing of the Ukrainian elections,(including the first sham election and the recent election in December), before, during or after. And up until now, nothing. Not one word of acknowledgement. And as for Iraq. He's well documented as poo-pooing the entire process as nothing but an insignificant step into an already pointless quagmire.

Wow. The most recognized face and voice of the Democratic party and nothing but cynicism, doubt and words of discouragement. Can they get any lower?


Here comes Howie "The Unhinged" Dean, whose most recent oral droppings include, "I hate Republicans and everything they stand for.", to head up the DNC. Primal screams aside, this is not the nut you want carrying your flag into battle. Way to think things through, folks.

He had to do something to out-stupid Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, the Dem. minority leaders in each house. To set the bar real low for Dean to slither under they huddled around a cold, inanimate object that looked like FDR to conduct a "prebuttle" before the President's State of the Union Address. Which President Bush wisely conducted in front of a live and boisterous assembly of the entire U.S. government and broadcast prime-time-live around the globe. That Karl Rove's a genius!

I haven't looked up the word prebuttle yet. I can hazard a guess that it is something along the lines of; out of touch, detached, left field, bone-headed, mental disorder.... Whatever it means they nailed it. Their prebuttle made the President seem, well, very presidential, forward looking and confident in America and it's future. All this before W even uttered a word of the SOTU.

Ah, you Democrats! Way to think things through! -Wb

Came here from Hugh Hewitt's blog. Didn't know Dean said he actually hates Republicans. That kind of language will capture those moderate, swing voters...
Prebuttle is linked etymologically to the noun butler, which derives from the Old French bouteillier, bottle bearer, from bouteille, botele, bottle. Further, bottle derives from the Old French botele, from Medieval Latin butticula, diminutive of Late Latin buttis, cask.] Prebuttle is slang. First the bottle is emptied, then the head goes up the buttis. See also, in his casks.
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