Monday, February 14, 2005


With All Due Respect, Sir

I sent Col. David H. Hackworth a note regarding an article he put up at his web site,

In a nutshell; Nobody in W's circle has combat experience, therefore we shouldn't have gone into Iraq; Iraq's a mess; We have no exit strategy.
Here's my retort, mainly pertaining to the combat experience requirement laid down by the Colonel: -Wb

With all due respect, Sir,
Where in the Constitution, or any of our founding documents for that matter, is the requirement for the nation's CIC to have served in the armed services or to have experienced combat situations. And where is the pattern in our history of military/combat experience in a CIC resulting in positive outcomes for the nation. Our military is owned and run by a civilian authority for good reasons.

You state,
"This is why most combat vets pick their fights carefully. They look at their scars, remember the madness and are always mindful of the fallout."

I don't want a CIC picking his fight carefully while looking at his past scars and remembering madness.... I want my CIC and his direct reports clear of mind and keeping this nation's best interest at the forefront of any decision to go to war. You, (and John Kerry and John McCain) make a good case to be very weary of combat tested veterans running for the top office. I'll honor, admire and thank you for your service, but I would never support the campaign of anyone who I thought would flinch when the right time presents itself to pull the trigger.

GWB had the same intelligence and was armed with more than a dozen U.N. sanctions that every nation and the entire Democratic party had agreed to be true and worth acting upon. (Do we need to gather all the quotes from each member state of the UN Sec. Council and every Democratic Senator and Congressman and former President and Vice President claiming Saddam's possession of WMDs, harboring terrorists, and the need to remove him from power.) The difference between GWB and the rest of the status quo politicos is that he's not picking a fight carefully, (that's already been done by years of aggression and sanctions). Too, he's not remembering old scars and past madness, he's got a clear head and a righteous sense of justice set upon eliminating a world threat. With, I might add, much in the way of collateral benefits to the Mid-East and the rest of the world.

There's great stories and progress coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't piss on our guy's efforts.


Northridge, Ca
Well said. I might've not left Tarzana a few years ago had I known sanity was so close!
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