Wednesday, February 23, 2005


The World's Still Watching an Atrocity Unfold

The link above requires registration at the NYT web site. It's an Op/Ed piece by Nicholas Kristoff imploring the U.S. citizens and the world to recognize what is happening in Darfur under the direction of the Sudanese government. It's a powerful piece and it nudged me to add my fraction of two cents to the Darfur genocide.

It's mass murder, terrorism and genocide to remove non-Arab African civilians and tribes from the region.

The excuses of not fully knowing and, or, not knowing until it was too late may have been justified in the past for the Nazi's slaughter of the Jews or the Rwandan atrocities... But this one's going on in real time, and has been for some time, while the international community, the U.N., the African Congress et all, just stand back and deplore the horrific spectacle of entire villages pillaged and burned by death squads from the Sudan military. and are two web sites that can help. I encourage you to give them a look and do a little something to add your small voice to what should become a worldwide roar.

In this day and age of instant knowledge of tragedies and crisis the world has become quite small. Too small, in fact, to allow thugs like this to continue their bloody conquests. When earthquakes, droughts, floods, fires or tsunamis hit a region the world is quick to respond and right to do so. When a tin-horn tyrant inflicts intentional and ongoing destruction upon a helpless population we shouldn't be so hesitant to step in and relieve the suffering. In the long run it will pay valuable rewards of freedom and security to rid the world of such cancers. -Wb
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