Friday, April 08, 2005


The Money's On Hold

I'm holding on to my wallet until I see something I like.

I got my weekly e-mail update from Elizabeth Dole at the NRSC today. The title was "Democrat's Bait and Switch" and the topic was, of course, their absurd tactics to prevent an elected President from getting his judicial nominees onto the floor of the Senate for an up or down vote. The close of these newsletters always provides the "click to contribute" tab and I've been known to use it the past. In fact, the NRSC link is to your left on this page for convenient contributing.

But not now. Here's my response to Mrs. Dole. -Wb

The bait and switch is occurring in my Republican party. I'm not getting the conservatives I helped get elected with my past contributions. So those once numerous contributions are on hold for now.

When the Republicans start acting like they hold the Presidency, both houses of congress and a majority of the governorships in this great country I'll start sending money again. I'm not as appalled at the behavior of the Democrats as I am at the timidity of the elected party in charge. I expect the Democrats to behave as though they don't have any issues to promote other than the issue of getting in the way. But I don't expect the Republicans to sit around hemming and hawing about procedures and whining about absurd and out-of-bounds Democratic tactics. Run the bastards over! LEAD! Take charge! Pretend you've got the majorities in both houses as well as the presidency! Damn the press and the polls they rode in on!

Where the hell is the fire-in-the-belly that you all campaigned with? Are you all more worried about the diminishing invites to dinner parties and the Sunday morning talk show tour, or, are you working for a lasting legacy to leave for future generations?

What will your biographers write about 50 years from now? Will you get a foot note, a paragraph, a chapter or the whole book?

The money starts again when you Republicans get up on the wheel and start going somewhere.

Michael Smith
Northridge, Ca

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